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Move Over, Ted Williams’ Head! -Frankenstein Lives! Doctors Given Permission To Reanimate Dead Brains

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?:
We tend to think that people with a certain level of severe brain injuries or dysfunction are gone & officially Brain Dead.

And though miraculous stories like “Finding Emilie” point to some type of survival even in a “Locked-In” scenario,

Past a certain threshold of function was considered, perhaps for mercy’s sake, the end of the line.

Well, in what just might be some of the most ethically-sketchy experiments not done by world-war totalitarians, a few doctors decided to test that hypothesis.

And they just got approval…

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Infographic: The Healing Power Of Cats

gemma busquets healing power of cats infographic top purring frequency 20-140 Hz

Not Just For LOLs:
And now as a reward for surviving tax season, I give you: The Healing Power Of Cats!

While she may put the benefits down to just purring, infographic artist Gemma Busquets is still on the right track.

Several health benefits have been attributed to general pet ownership. For Example: slightly reducing your stress for next tax season by saving you money.

-Because you’ll have to visit the doctor a total of 4% less than a dog owner, and 12% less than someone without a pet. And speaking of health benefits…

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Your Mental Attitude About Aging Might Actually Make A Difference

nothing can stop me now sign improvement

Olde-Tyme Wisdom Wins Again?:
There are quite a few sayings about aging and that body of knowledge includes chestnuts like: “Age is just a number.” and “You’re only as old as you feel.”

And other than confirmation-bias or just plain-old self-delusion, those sayings it-seemed were nothing more than musing or philosophy.

But then a strange thing happened, and SCIENCE! stepped in and did something it rarely-does; it gave traditional anecdotal wisdom a pretty fair shake…

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Apple’s CareKit Is Another Big Step Toward Personal Electronics That Make A Real-Life Impact

Personal Electronics Get Even More Personal:
At one time or another, many of us have had a health issue that needed more than just 1 fire-and-forget appointment to the doc.

And resolving it needed follow-up & active participation from you to succeed. -Especially since doctors are very busy, there are only so many hours in the day, and healthcare is already 4x more expensive here than anywhere else.

Well, aside from all the new phones, iPads & watch bands, one of the most interesting & compelling parts of Apple’s “Loop You In” event was something called CareKit…

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Crowdsourced Genetics Breakthrough: Early Bird Or Night Owl? Biology Might Be Destiny

23 and me early bird night owl 56 44 infographic top

Crowds To The Rescue!:
Health-tech darling & FDA sparring-partner 23&Me has just published a study that will make it unfortunately no easier to find excuses for your boss come Monday morning.

So, in the process of sequencing your DNA for things like potential diseases and national origins, etc. 23&Me also pulls down other data on you too.

And now, according to a self-reported survey of about 90,000 people, they’ve found another connection between genetics and behavior.

Because your genetic profile just might determine, in spite of you, if you are good at mornings or not.

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The World’s Favorite Superfood Looks Like It Might Have Yet Another Benefit. -Brainpower!

roasted cocoa beans in square glass by nestle

Let Food Be Your Medicine…:
More good news, my little easter bunnies! Yet another excuse to eat the world’s most popular sweet; as if you needed one.

So, our nutritional-research Hero Dr. Georgie Crichton & her intrepid team went back and examined a study called the MSLS on what people ate and drank over time.

And they found an interesting correlation between food and smarts.

One that worked -even after- factoring out many confounding variables…

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Watch Out, Elizabeth Bathory! New, Non-Vampire Technique Increases Lifespan By 25 Percent

the vampire diaries season 4 publicity poster nina red satin

Blood Is Only Part Of The Solution:
Awhile ago, we told you how our old friend Elizabeth may have really been onto something age-defying in her own dark-ages nutbar kinda way.

Well in a second round of science catching-up, researchers have found another interesting follow-up to that original Bathory hack.

What the Mayo Clinic docs discovered is an interesting Filter-based alternative to simply getting the odd pint from a young person.

-And it all hinges on a type of cell in our body called, Senescent Cells…

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Science Moves 1 Step Closer To A Surgery-Free Future. This Time: Eye Drops That Fix Cataracts

porsche 912 left headlight

Though this discovery was originally aimed at the developing world, it might just turn around & George Jetson the hell out of a tricky surgical procedure.

What happens with a cataract is that some of the proteins in the lens go a bit wacky over time.

And these changes make them stop working the way they’re supposed to.

Since the standard fix is a bit iffy to have done in low-tech facilities, the researchers thought, “What if we could take that operation and put it in a bottle?”…

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Video: ASAPScience Asks, “What Will We Be Like In 1000 Years?”

In this video, ASAPScience speculates about what we’ll be like in another 1,000 years.

And their roundup of the predictions seems nothing if not interesting.

Intro) 3 Examples:
Over the past 10,000, 150, and 65 years, we’ve become tolerant of milk, grown 10cm taller & lived 20 years longer. All due to science in farming, healthcare & diet.

So: What else could happen going forward? You know, besides Google Glass…

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.