Alchemy! Researchers Generate Functional Thyroid-Cells From Stem-Cells

vulcania metallic gold textured block crater inside auvergne

In the future, thyroid medication and the problems that necessitated it, may be a thing of the past.

Thanks to some groundbreaking work by Sabine Costagliola at the Free University of Brussels, our old friend the Stem Cell has slain yet another dragon.

What Sabine’s team did was to get stem-cells to produce 2 compounds only found in the thyroid.

They then grew these special cells in petri-dishes,…

The Energy Project’s Tony Schwartz: Sleep Is More Important Than Food

japanese businessman sleeping on tokyo train

In his piece over at the HBR, business productivity expert and writer Tony Schwartz makes the argument that Sleep is more important than food.

I guess he has a point, sleep cannot be stored in bodyfat for times of famine.

He cites several informal surveys of his own with clients admitting they get 7 hours or less of sleep per night. -Which he then contrasts with more formal research stating that at least in one study, only 2.5% of the participants needed 7 hour or less.

Where there was no…

Stanton Peele: Tecaté Olé, Baby! I Don’t Always Drink. But When I Do, It Saves My Frickin’ Life!

untitled red and white life preserver on post beachgrass dune

Addiction specialist Stanton Peele is someone you might think is a frilly-skirted temperance-firebranding ladyboy, attempting to reinstate mandatory-petticoatage & prohibition at every possible turn.

But you would be wrong. He is doing something quite the opposite.

In his fiery piece over at Substance, now Pacific Standard, he goes to great lengths to tease out a recommendation that could seriously reduce people’s mortality & the +/- “coverup” about it that is endemic;

-to his very own industry.

What is this miracle recommendation, you ask?
-Drinking alcohol.

IDEO Encourages DesignOn Concept Contributors To Tackle Old People

IDEO designon-aging review jose colucci gray mirror concept project

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to check out the full list of lifehack-style products & service innovations over at design-juggernaut IDEO,

-But By Far, my favorite of the bunch is the Snow White Evil Queen/Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come -style Aging Mirror.
I don’t know how far out they wanted to take the concept in its proposed future technological reach.

-But [at least in its most-blown-out-future-form] this could take a whole host of…

The Gray Mirror

Doc Finds Aging Marker, Invents Drug To Flip-Script, -Pinky And The Brain Throw Truly Epic Fiesta

the curious case of benjamin button flexing in mirror

After 25 years of research about similar subjects especially in the cardiovascular arena and a little protein marker of aging we’ll name later, Dr. Douglas Vaughan and a team from Tohoku University in Japan have come up with a pretty interesting drug.

It’s not as “Dude, I know Kung-Fu”-Cool as The Mousechurian Candidate.

-But it Does prolong the life of mice almost 4x.
Ok, ok, now before we all start getting all crazy…

Northwestern-Experimental drug prolongs life span in mice

Elizabeth Bathory Was Right: Young Blood Is The Solution To Aging

kate beckinsale selene underworld blood on lips

-Ok, Elizabeth, Bram Stoker, and a million folk-tales across human history.

Well, scientists are proving these oldey-timey, gruesome omens just about right.

In [what is actually the latest in a series of] experiments on mice, it turns out that blood transfused from a younger one to an older one Does in-fact make the older one quite a bit more sprightly.
I only heard about this a year or two ago in the last big experiment, but it looks like…

Knopfler Lab Stem Cell Blog

Crafty Researchers Cast Blood Vessels Into 3D Printed Replacement Organs

why you cant print that pie chart printer problem failblog

The interesting intersection between the ‘Old’ and New sciences of Stem Cells and 3D-Printing is starting to provide some amazing developments in both Life-Extension and Replacement-Parts.

The well-known windpipe-replacement is also one of the bigger successes in that category as of late.
*However, to make these things Truly Useful, there are still quite a few obstacles to overcome.

-And now, Make that quite a few, -Minus One.
Jennifer Lawrence Lewis and her team have come up with quite an ingenious…


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