Crafty Researchers Cast Blood Vessels Into 3D Printed Replacement Organs

why you cant print that pie chart printer problem failblog

The interesting intersection between the ‘Old’ and New sciences of Stem Cells and 3D-Printing is starting to provide some amazing developments in both Life-Extension and Replacement-Parts.

The well-known windpipe-replacement is also one of the bigger successes in that category as of late.
*However, to make these things Truly Useful, there are still quite a few obstacles to overcome.

-And now, Make that quite a few, -Minus One.
Jennifer Lawrence Lewis and her team have come up with quite an ingenious…

PhDComics And Dr. JP Magalhaes Ask: What Is Aging (And Can We Do Anything About It)?

Check out Jorge Cham’s fantastic animation for PhD Comics of a talk on Aging, that was given by Dr. Joao Pedro De Magalhaes.

This abbreviated version of Dr. J’s original talk touches on viability, historical lifespans, cell-renewal, free-radicals, mitochondria, telomeres, lucky animal species, nude rats, genetic-modification, evolution, diet, and linchpin-genes.
In it, he also talks about his first inspiration to get into the field of aging-science and transcend the apparent “Law of nature” that eventual decay must happen in the first place.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the genetic profile of the Naked Mole Rat, or…

YT-PhDComics-”What Is Aging?”

The Case Of The Curiously-Healthy Mice, Mysterious Microbes And Auto-Immune Joint Damage

blue green eyes veil dark

Okay, so keep in-mind that a little while back we told you that you were your microbes and how lots of them affect you in “No Man Is An Island”

Fast-forward to 3 years ago when the 2 magic ingredients of curiously-healthy mice and immune cells called Th17s combined in the persons of Drs. Mathis and Littman.

Because Immunologists are the House-ian cool-kids of the science world, and much like freestyle-rap-battlers, they hang out and talk a…

Google To Tackle Death With Calico. -Your Move, Death…

crazy calico kitten

As much as I was dismayed at Google Health shutting down, I am equally excited at Google Calico launching.

-Which is apparently so badass, that the former CEO of Genentech and current Chairman of Apple, yes -that- Apple, is going to run it,

And puts Curing Cancer on the list of its Easy goals; -Hard ones like serious life-extension to follow.
KurzweilAI?, 2045 Project? -You are all toast.

And with the enormous power of The Goog behind Project Calico, I’d imagine the only time Death has been more scared than now is that one time he got into a fight with The American Badass himself, Teddy Roosevelt,
-and lost

God help Him if they get Brittany Wenger on-board…
Google-Calico Announcement


None of my silly words are necessary here.




OK, Two:

Beautiful. Haunting.

“Danielle”, by Anthony Cerniello

The Bionic Man Runs Again! New Hydrogel Could Replace Cartilage

blue gel macro closeup

And on the Running theme, anyone who’s had a joint issue for whatever reason, can attest to how hard it is to get back on your feet.

Well, buck up little camper, Because: Science!

By synthesizing a new combination-gel that unites two different types, that then absorb calcium molecules, scientists at Harvard have come up with what they think might be a pretty good Replacement for Cartilage.

HarvardSEAS-Tough gel stretches to 21 times its length, recoils, and heals itself

The Ghost of Jim Fixx Returns: Running Bad, Wine Good?

male lion face straight on


James H O’Keefe and Carl Lavie of Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute and the U. Mo. -Kansas City MedSchool have just pronounced the words every poor suffering bastard running his Nikes to the midsole has been waiting to hear since the 70′s taught them Afros on white men were awesome:

“Chronic extreme exercise appears to cause excessive ‘wear-and-tear’ on the heart, inducing adverse structural and electrical remodelling, which offsets some of the CV benefits and longevity improvements conferred by moderate physical activity”

-This includes Running.

• Source Study: BMJ,Heart-Run for your life … at a comfortable speed and not too far

• via: OutsideMag

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