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ACHTUNG LADY! SAD Therapy Tools Work Like Viagra For Men’s Mojo

man by red curtains looking out window to blinding sunlight

Psychology Sees The Light:
So one of the more recent discoveries in psychology is similar to one admission by the evil DrugCo. CEO played by Roger Horton in a previous entry:

If you live far from the equator, the seasons change your mood; sometimes too much.

One of the ways to fix this is to bring back the sunlight with a very special light-box.

It’s so effective, that the light is said to be as good as CBT for people affected.

Well that boost in mood got some crafty Italian researchers thinking; and they just might put Pfizer out of business…

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YOU WIN! -SCIENCE! Finds Being A Hypochondriac Makes You Healthier

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So Being Anxious Is Actually Good For Something?:
Rejoice, HealthTrekker visitors, Rejoice! -This is your lucky day.

Now, we’ve previously told you that of all the personality types, The “Grouch”, or anxious/depressed/irritable/pessimistic has many times higher risk of cardiovascular issues than all of the other types; even the seemingly-risky Type A.

Well, in a study by the University of Rochester, it turns out there are some real, measurable health-benefits to being a tiny bit of that “Grouch”-type, with a good dose of Types C & A, too…

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Video: Conan Finds Out Aubrey Plaza Has Staying Young & Aging-Gracefully Both Figured-Out

My Favorite Martian:
In addition to being one of the oddest and most sarcastic people on Earth like, you’ve-got-me-so-confused-I-don’t-know-who-I-am-anymore sarcastic,

Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza has apparently thought a lot about both staying young and how to behave gracefully if/when she ever does get old.

-As Conan O’Brien finds out in this interview…

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Video: The Vlog Brothers’ John Green Asks Why American Healthcare Costs Are Too Damn High

Capitalism’s Unfortunate Downside:
A little while ago, I found a very shocking statistic.

Though we didn’t have government health insurance until recently, the the stat said the US spends the most money on healthcare; -in the entire world.

The closest competitor to us was Switzerland. And even though you wouldn’t expect to see people dropping like flies in a “rough” place like that, we still spent more.

400% More.

So in this video, John Green of Vlog Brothers and Mental Floss fame turns some research into a newer, more internet-ified picture of why it costs so much here…

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TEDx Video: The Queen Of Sleep On How To Rescue Your Brain & Why We All Need More Naps, Because: !SCIENCE!

Accidentally-Awesome Sleep Research That Will Change Your Life:
So, Dr. Sara Mednick had been struggling for a research topic when she found an interesting opportunity.

Her mentor had only studied what you’d call “normal” sleep that you have at night, but not at other times.

And that’s where she found Gold! As she describes in this video, everything on Earth goes through cycles in time, and we’d be smart to remember that.

-Which is where her scientific study comes in, because largely: We Don’t. And there are real downsides to that…

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Lather Up! Our Pals At The EWG Release Their Guide To The Healthiest Sunscreens, & Save Your Freakin’ Skin In The Process!

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First They Saved Your Health, Now Your Skin!:
You might remember our previous post on the EWG’s great work on produce safety and pesticides.

If you don’t, The Dirty Dozen with Garrick Dee Tan’s infographics is a good & worthwhile read.

Especially for the addition of The Clean 15, and The Hazardous 3.

Well just in-time for sunny weather, the EWG is at it again for Sunscreens. And their results are pretty surprising…

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Move Over, Ted Williams’ Head! -Frankenstein Lives! Doctors Given Permission To Reanimate Dead Brains

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?:
We tend to think that people with a certain level of severe brain injuries or dysfunction are gone & officially Brain Dead.

And though miraculous stories like “Finding Emilie” point to some type of survival even in a “Locked-In” scenario,

Past a certain threshold of function was considered, perhaps for mercy’s sake, the end of the line.

Well, in what just might be some of the most ethically-sketchy experiments not done by world-war totalitarians, a few doctors decided to test that hypothesis.

And they just got approval…

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Infographic: The Healing Power Of Cats

gemma busquets healing power of cats infographic top purring frequency 20-140 Hz

Not Just For LOLs:
And now as a reward for surviving tax season, I give you: The Healing Power Of Cats!

While she may put the benefits down to just purring, infographic artist Gemma Busquets is still on the right track.

Several health benefits have been attributed to general pet ownership. For Example: slightly reducing your stress for next tax season by saving you money.

-Because you’ll have to visit the doctor a total of 4% less than a dog owner, and 12% less than someone without a pet. And speaking of health benefits…

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Your Mental Attitude About Aging Might Actually Make A Difference

nothing can stop me now sign improvement

Olde-Tyme Wisdom Wins Again?:
There are quite a few sayings about aging and that body of knowledge includes chestnuts like: “Age is just a number.” and “You’re only as old as you feel.”

And other than confirmation-bias or just plain-old self-delusion, those sayings it-seemed were nothing more than musing or philosophy.

But then a strange thing happened, and SCIENCE! stepped in and did something it rarely-does; it gave traditional anecdotal wisdom a pretty fair shake…

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Apple’s CareKit Is Another Big Step Toward Personal Electronics That Make A Real-Life Impact

Personal Electronics Get Even More Personal:
At one time or another, many of us have had a health issue that needed more than just 1 fire-and-forget appointment to the doc.

And resolving it needed follow-up & active participation from you to succeed. -Especially since doctors are very busy, there are only so many hours in the day, and healthcare is already 4x more expensive here than anywhere else.

Well, aside from all the new phones, iPads & watch bands, one of the most interesting & compelling parts of Apple’s “Loop You In” event was something called CareKit…

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