Science Moves 1 Step Closer To A Surgery-Free Future. This Time: Eye Drops That Fix Cataracts

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Though this discovery was originally aimed at the developing world, it might just turn around & George Jetson the hell out of a tricky surgical procedure.

What happens with a cataract is that some of the proteins in the lens go a bit wacky over time.

And these changes make them stop working the way they’re supposed to.

Since the standard fix is a bit iffy to have done in low-tech facilities, the researchers thought, “What if we could take that operation and put it in a bottle?”…

Video: ASAPScience Asks, “What Will We Be Like In 1000 Years?”

In this video, ASAPScience speculates about what we’ll be like in another 1,000 years.

And their roundup of the predictions seems nothing if not interesting.

Intro) 3 Examples:
Over the past 10,000, 150, and 65 years, we’ve become tolerant of milk, grown 10cm taller & lived 20 years longer. All due to science in farming, healthcare & diet.
So: What else could happen going forward? You know, besides Google Glass…

God Save The New Queen Of The Silver Foxes! Grandmother & 59 Year-Old Model, Yasmina Rossi Shows What Age-Defying Really Looks Like

yazemeenah yasmina rossi brown bikini in shawl standing in desert

[UPDATED!] With all due respect to previous queen, Helen Mirren and her fabulous rack, I think we have a new winner here.

It is always a thrill to see someone out there with that Dick Clark Immortality-Factor who is living everything this site hopes to be about.

And as a 59-year-old mother of 2, grandmother of 2, and a girl who Started modeling at 28!, she’s a case-study in good habits meet good genetics.

SO, Takeaways: What can we tease out of what she says in the source-articles about her secrets to eternal youth that are good tips for…

15 Probably BS Scientific Benefits Of Beer, But Keep Drinking Just In Case

blonde girl in blue dirndl hofbrauhaus oktoberfest drinking beer

Don’t let the internet-myths & exaggerations stop you. Unlike a vitamin or a drug, there will probably be insufficiently-concentrated amounts of each substance in one single beer to have a serious effect.

→So your only recourse is to just go pro & make sure to start drinking more! -For the rest of your life.

Besides believe it or not, drinking alcohol really does have actual health benefits.

Anyway, just in-case there is a grain of truth to long-term repeated-exposure benefits, and supported by the best study links we could find…

The New Phrenology: Aging-Speed And Quality Of Life, IN YO FACE! -Literally.

young girl in purple hat winter happy round face

-Except this time, it just might work.

Everyone’s done this type of amateur Sherlock Holmes evaluation since they were born. But now, at the intersection of a facial-recognition technologist, a doctor, and Big Data, the studies might just prove both true and useful.

What Face My Age’s technology does…

Starbucks AHOY! -Science Discovers Yet Again That Coffee Is Awesome, This Time: Saving Your Skin

4 coffee cups on wooden table 2 with coffee 1 with beans 1 with grinds

Coffee and Tea drinking have been linked [perhaps a little tenuously at times] to a whole host of health benefits, like this, this, and this.

Well now we can add another one to that growing list.

It also turns out that coffee may prevent some cancer; on your skin; -seriously.

In a study of 400,000+ participants over about 10 years, taking into account diet and some environmental factors, drinking up to 3 cups of coffee a day was associated with a 10% reduction in…

Video: ASAPScience’s Take On The Benefits Of Meditation

ASAPScience power of meditation youtube screenshotIn this video, ASAPScience goes over some of the interesting and profound ways that meditation can affect your health.

Among the things they cover are empathy, learning, physical changes to the brain & stress.

And although it’s worth a watch, they did not go quite into the depth of the posts here and here,…


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