IDEO Encourages DesignOn Concept Contributors To Tackle Old People

IDEO designon-aging review jose colucci gray mirror concept project

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to check out the full list of lifehack-style products & service innovations over at design-juggernaut IDEO,

-But By Far, my favorite of the bunch is the Snow White Evil Queen/Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come -style Aging Mirror.
I don’t know how far out they wanted to take the concept in its proposed future technological reach.

-But [at least in its most-blown-out-future-form] this could take a whole host of…

The Gray Mirror

Shot Heard Round The World!: Obscure Arthritis Drug Leads To Full Head Of Hair. -Kinda…

happy baby boy blue shirt grass


I thought this was going to be a THE cure for normal DHT-based Male-Pattern Baldness.

-But NOooOOOOooo!!! :(

Okay, okay, okay; it’s no less impressive that the patient in question, who had both Plaque-Psoriasis and (just like our old .000001%-er pal John D. Rockefeller) Total Hair-Loss on his entire body, -was cured of Both conditions by the drug-wizardry cooked up by Yale’s scientists.
Not only that but so far…


John Oliver Reminds Us To Take Supplement Claims With A Grain Of Salt, Even From The Great And Powerful Oz

john oliver doctor mehmet oz congress diet supplements last week tonight [NSFW, for language & some subject-matter]
We’ve all heard the crazy claims. -Don’t do anything involving Hard Work, Research, Discipline, or Nutrition; -Just Pop a Pill! And Let Chemistry Do The Work For You!!!

Oliver doesn’t stop the funny to explain the ephedra issue very well, and he certainly does tee off on a doc trying to fill his hour of content. Unfortunately, that content sometimes seems aimed at the people who read the National Enquirer for diet-tips in the checkout aisle.

-And then put it back without paying.

But really; -Let’s face it. This is all really about…

YouTube-Last Week Tonight

You Thought Four-Loko Was Bad? -Just Wait Untill Someone Dies Butt-Freebasing A Powdered Martini

membase four loko food pairing guide chart

So as much as I can’t believe it, Powdered Alcohol is actually a thing. -I mean, alcohol evaporates, so isn’t it just like Canned-Sunshine, Mountain Air, or Military Intelligence?…

Well apparently it’s even been kicking around for awhile, like c.1974 here in ‘MURICA; -interestingly developed by General Foods. -For what? Like on breakfast-cereals,…


Choc To The Heart And Your Gut’s To Blame. Darlin, Bacteria Gives Cocoa, -A Grand Name

hot chocolate in mug with froth like latte art

Need another reason to love cocoa & dark chocolate?

Well you just got one, lady.

A new study out by LSU shows a very very lucky quirk about the composition of our friend the fermented, dried, roasted & ground cacao. And it makes all the difference.

So, one of the problems with actually getting beneficial compounds into you like antioxidants, polyphenols, & epi-catechins is “The Last Mile”.

You may get them into your supermarket, your cart, your mouth,…

Boutique IQ Here We Come, -[One(Small)] Intelligence Gene Found!

dark background bright sparkler center

In a study led by Dr. Sylvane Desrivières at King’s College in London, her team has found one of the first genes positively linked to Intelligence. …Maybe some day you Will be able to “Fix Stupid”?

Now NPTN wasn’t responsible for a lot of total IQ variance. -But its impairment Was correlated with an odd thinnness in the left half of the brain’s frontal+temporal cortexes;

Why that matters: In general, a thicker outer layer of “Grey Matter” is…

Telegraph UK

My Cipro De-Toxicity: A Happy, Herbal, Hippie Alcoholic Accident

arcane letters blue white black

So there’s this great site about possible side-effects following a course of the Cipro antibiotic, called Surviving Cipro.

I found it while researching fixes for the ones I experienced awhile ago.

And I’ll +/-duplicate a comment I put there over here.

-Because I ran into what might be an interesting tool in the fight to get your health back after ‘getting Floxed’.
Fast-forward to a few months ago: I’d started drinking tea instead of coffee.

After awhile it got a little boring, so I ventured further out into the weirder and more interesting ones they had at the supermarket.

And it turns out one of them was this stuff called…

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