You Are Now Wolverine: Artificial Nanoparticle Wound-Healers Invented

particle sea light board under construction room

One of the problems facing doctors, non-dolphins, and mothers of children who drink the Red Bull and yell, “Hey Y’all, Watch This!” on YouTube, is controlling blood-flow or even stopping a full-on hemorrage at a wound.

Well that just might be a thing of the past, as UCSB docs have come up with super-small, nanoscale particles that act just like human blood-clotting agents.
Since they didn’t want to completely re-invent the wheel, the little particles are almost an exact copy of Mother Nature’s invention.

Harvard Docs Use FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS To Repair Holes In Teeth!

mike myers dr. evil laser airquotes

Ever see those LED brushes on late-night TV that say they’ll grow your hair back? -Well, it turns out they work; -or at least the principle anyway.

+ Results were spotty, because the principles weren’t understood; -until now.

Using low-powered lasers, some creative dentistry & great analysis, a Harvard team has figured out how to regenerate the bony-core of teeth in 12 weeks, using only light.

(not as impressive as growing a whole new tooth, but anyway)…

Damn The Desserts, Full-Steam Ahead!: Fruits & Vegetables Really Do Make Life More Worth Living

2001 space odyssey bowman face publicity shot

Your mom ever pack an apple in your lunch, or tell you to eat your vegetables?

Well, it turns out mom just wanted you to be awesome, and those theories Bradley the teddy-bear whispered late at night about her being part of the international spinach cartel were purely-circumstantial.

In a a University of Otago study, Tamlin Conner and her team studied the diets of a small group of young adults along with…

You Can Probably Guess Another Person’s Political Views. -With Your Nose

right side view of sleeping corgi muzzle

On the sillier end of things, another pheromone study has come out.

And it says, somehow mystifyingly, that people can more-or-less smell each-others’ political beliefs.

Whatever the influence is, it’s got to be extremely-subtle given all possible environmental variables (if this study is not completely BS, of-course).

SO: What the researchers did was to set things up similar to the er, ~somewhat-proven Immune-System…

No Free Lunch, Apparently: Artificial Sweeteners Wreak Havoc On Blood-Sugar After-All

cat eating invisible sandwich meme original

I guess you just can’t win, can you?

Earlier, we’d found out that our pal Fructose was not the savior to diabetics it was supposed to be, because instead of raising blood-sugar, it just raised fat in the blood.

-So instead of diabetes, you got cardio-disease.

Well, in a recent study by the Weizmann Institute of Health, we find out that somehow mystifyingly, even Artificial Sweeteners backfire.

All 3 biggies…

EWG’s Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen & Hazardous 3 In An Infographic!

dirty dozen clean fifteen infographic excerpt by garrick dee tan

Awhile back, we posted on the fantastic & comprehensive list put together by the Environmental Working Group of the fruit & vegetable produce that you should keep an eye out for. -Especially in-terms of amount & type of pesticides used-on & absorbed-by them.

What they help us do is…

Making The Complex A Little Simpler: The Number Needed To Treat

yellow and blue color waves cross over statistics tables

A little while back, we told you about the great conference Wired put on with MDAnderson, called WIRED DATA | Life.

And one of the standout presentations of that conference was put-on by inveterate smartass, David Newman, of the site: The Number Needed to Treat.

Well, Wired has seen fit to remind us of David & Co-Founder Graham Walker’s work in a recent Science post.
What the NNT tries to do is take the highest-quality studies it can find and publish a ratings-system…


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