EWG’s Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen & Hazardous 3 In An Infographic!

dirty dozen clean fifteen infographic excerpt by garrick dee tan

Awhile back, we posted on the fantastic & comprehensive list put together by the Environmental Working Group of the fruit & vegetable produce that you should keep an eye out for. -Especially in-terms of amount & type of pesticides used-on & absorbed-by them.

What they help us do is…

Making The Complex A Little Simpler: The Number Needed To Treat

yellow and blue color waves cross over statistics tables

A little while back, we told you about the great conference Wired put on with MDAnderson, called WIRED DATA | Life.

And one of the standout presentations of that conference was put-on by inveterate smartass, David Newman, of the site: The Number Needed to Treat.

Well, Wired has seen fit to remind us of David & Co-Founder Graham Walker’s work in a recent Science post.
What the NNT tries to do is take the highest-quality studies it can find and publish a ratings-system…

IDEO Encourages DesignOn Concept Contributors To Tackle Old People

IDEO designon-aging review jose colucci gray mirror concept project

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to check out the full list of lifehack-style products & service innovations over at design-juggernaut IDEO,

-But By Far, my favorite of the bunch is the Snow White Evil Queen/Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come -style Aging Mirror.
I don’t know how far out they wanted to take the concept in its proposed future technological reach.

-But [at least in its most-blown-out-future-form] this could take a whole host of…

The Gray Mirror

Shot Heard Round The World!: Obscure Arthritis Drug Leads To Full Head Of Hair. -Kinda…

happy baby boy blue shirt grass


I thought this was going to be a THE cure for normal DHT-based Male-Pattern Baldness.

-But NOooOOOOooo!!! :(

Okay, okay, okay; it’s no less impressive that the patient in question, who had both Plaque-Psoriasis and (just like our old .000001%-er pal John D. Rockefeller) Total Hair-Loss on his entire body, -was cured of Both conditions by the drug-wizardry cooked up by Yale’s scientists.
Not only that but so far…


John Oliver Reminds Us To Take Supplement Claims With A Grain Of Salt, Even From The Great And Powerful Oz

john oliver doctor mehmet oz congress diet supplements last week tonight [NSFW, for language & some subject-matter]
We’ve all heard the crazy claims. -Don’t do anything involving Hard Work, Research, Discipline, or Nutrition; -Just Pop a Pill! And Let Chemistry Do The Work For You!!!

Oliver doesn’t stop the funny to explain the ephedra issue very well, and he certainly does tee off on a doc trying to fill his hour of content. Unfortunately, that content sometimes seems aimed at the people who read the National Enquirer for diet-tips in the checkout aisle.

-And then put it back without paying.

But really; -Let’s face it. This is all really about…

YouTube-Last Week Tonight

You Thought Four-Loko Was Bad? -Just Wait Untill Someone Dies Butt-Freebasing A Powdered Martini

membase four loko food pairing guide chart

So as much as I can’t believe it, Powdered Alcohol is actually a thing. -I mean, alcohol evaporates, so isn’t it just like Canned-Sunshine, Mountain Air, or Military Intelligence?…

Well apparently it’s even been kicking around for awhile, like c.1974 here in ‘MURICA; -interestingly developed by General Foods. -For what? Like on breakfast-cereals,…


Choc To The Heart And Your Gut’s To Blame. Darlin, Bacteria Gives Cocoa, -A Grand Name

hot chocolate in mug with froth like latte art

Need another reason to love cocoa & dark chocolate?

Well you just got one, lady.

A new study out by LSU shows a very very lucky quirk about the composition of our friend the fermented, dried, roasted & ground cacao. And it makes all the difference.

So, one of the problems with actually getting beneficial compounds into you like antioxidants, polyphenols, & epi-catechins is “The Last Mile”.

You may get them into your supermarket, your cart, your mouth,…

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