Boutique IQ Here We Come, -[One(Small)] Intelligence Gene Found!

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In a study led by Dr. Sylvane Desrivières at King’s College in London, her team has found one of the first genes positively linked to Intelligence. …Maybe some day you Will be able to “Fix Stupid”?

Now NPTN wasn’t responsible for a lot of total IQ variance. -But its impairment Was correlated with an odd thinnness in the left half of the brain’s frontal+temporal cortexes;

Why that matters: In general, a thicker outer layer of “Grey Matter” is…

Telegraph UK

My Cipro De-Toxicity: A Happy, Herbal, Hippie Alcoholic Accident

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So there’s this great site about possible side-effects following a course of the Cipro antibiotic, called Surviving Cipro.

I found it while researching fixes for the ones I experienced awhile ago.

And I’ll +/-duplicate a comment I put there over here.

-Because I ran into what might be an interesting tool in the fight to get your health back after ‘getting Floxed’.
Fast-forward to a few months ago: I’d started drinking tea instead of coffee.

After awhile it got a little boring, so I ventured further out into the weirder and more interesting ones they had at the supermarket.

And it turns out one of them was this stuff called…

Germaphobe? Feeling Sluggish? -Rolf Halden Gives Us A Good Scare About Antibacterial Soaps On Leonard Lopate

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So in a surprisingly-functional proposed ruling set to take effect in 2016, the FDA seems poised to +/-ban antibacterial soaps that show no definite efficacy over the average bear.

-Especially those that contain Triclosan and Triclocarban.

In this spot from the Leonard Lopate Show, Leonard interviews ASU Global Sustainability professor Dr. Rolf Halden on the subject and the revelations are pretty surprising.

It turns out these 50′s-era antimicrobials not only work by disrupting the microorganisms, but they also disrupt…

Flash-Rave Cleanup In The Produce Section! -First The Water System Has Drugs, Now Farm Soil

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(paging Deborah Koons Garcia…)

So, if the post about the drug concentrations found in the water wasn’t worrying enough;

along with its potential effects on Aquaculture,

How about its effects on Agriculture?

Well in the same issue of the Journal, Environmental Pollution, Amnon Grossberger and his team look at what Treated Waste Water does this time to the Soil, when it’s used for crop-irrigation.
The Good News? -At least 5 of the meds…

So, -Happy Fish Then?? EPA Finds More Drugs In The Water Than We Thought

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(previous shenanigans aside for the moment)

A new but familiar-sounding assessment, this time by the EPA, of 50 wastewater treatment facilities has found a bit more drugs in the water than anyone previously measured.

More than half of the drugs they tested for were found still present in the wastewater even after processing.
And several of them are high enough in max concentration to be mandated for additional study…

PhDComics And Dr. JP Magalhaes Ask: What Is Aging (And Can We Do Anything About It)?

Check out Jorge Cham’s fantastic animation for PhD Comics of a talk on Aging, that was given by Dr. Joao Pedro De Magalhaes.

This abbreviated version of Dr. J’s original talk touches on viability, historical lifespans, cell-renewal, free-radicals, mitochondria, telomeres, lucky animal species, nude rats, genetic-modification, evolution, diet, and linchpin-genes.
In it, he also talks about his first inspiration to get into the field of aging-science and transcend the apparent “Law of nature” that eventual decay must happen in the first place.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the genetic profile of the Naked Mole Rat, or…

YT-PhDComics-”What Is Aging?”

Symphony Of The Soil: Deborah Koons Garcia Reminds Us GMO Is Not Just Seeds

To borrow a quote from DKG: If you look at the soil under a microscope, every single day is Times Square on New Year’s Eve.
And the point this film is trying to make is that modern agriculture takes an awful lot for-granted and engages in several practices that hurt the foundations that all of our food is built upon.
–From the pesticides some GMO seeds need to survive, to abandoned crop-rotation methods…

Symphony Of The Soil

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