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Gentlemen, Start Your Kombuchas! -Antibiotics Cause Bigger Changes Than Previously-Thought

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Too Much Of A Good/Bad Thing:
We’ve all been told we need antibiotics from time-to-time. But sometimes, that advice gets taken a bit too far into overuse.

So much so that not only do we now have antibiotic-resistant superbugs, but many strains of old annoyances are on the verge of turning antibiotic-resistant, too.

Well now we can chalk up another issue to watch out for: Long-Term Collateral-Damage…

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Look Out Schwarzenegger, China’s Making Superdogs!

corgi in super dog costume on beach

-And one day, maybe Super-You. Or your super-grandkids.

So a short while ago, Chinese researchers pulled-off some of the first gene-modifications with that new technique from “BREAKTHROUGH”.

What they did with it is to create a new generation of dogs with a very uncommon trait: Super Muscles.

What it could mean for us one day is another set of radical changes; maybe whether we like it or not…

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Exercise In A Bottle: Tricky Enzyme Can Force Bodyfat To Self-Regulate, Burn Calories, & Get You Into Your Old Clothes Again

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One of the problems we have right now with obesity is that we are in an unprecedented time of caloric & sugary plenty in the developed world.

The reason that’s an issue is the human body evolved its metabolism to store fat, so you don’t die in a famine. -A thing we still used to have until very recently.

So now, where the body has not caught up to the times, science has. Because if scientists have their way, your present damnation of excess fat could strangely become your salvation…

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Science Moves 1 Step Closer To A Surgery-Free Future. This Time: Eye Drops That Fix Cataracts

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Though this discovery was originally aimed at the developing world, it might just turn around & George Jetson the hell out of a tricky surgical procedure.

What happens with a cataract is that some of the proteins in the lens go a bit wacky over time.

And these changes make them stop working the way they’re supposed to.

Since the standard fix is a bit iffy to have done in low-tech facilities, the researchers thought, “What if we could take that operation and put it in a bottle?”…

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NatGeo’s BREAKTHROUGH Is 6 Episodes Of Future-Awesome

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Well, NatGeo has started putting on a new series, and it’s right in-line with just about everything this site would ever hope to be about. -Just in video format.

It’s on Sundays, 9/8C and we’re already starting to get to the good stuff like, “More Than Human”, “Decoding The Brain”, and “The Age of Aging”.

So, while you’re waiting for the next installment, check out their trippily-animated, Hayden Planetarium-meets-Minority Report-On-LSD website.

A linked-list of the major sections is below, to help you sift through & target the content you’d like to check out…

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Video: ASAPScience Answers Internet Daredevil Question, “How Much Of Something Will Kill You?”

[to which some YT-er will post the inevitable response-vid saying, “Hey Y’all, Watch This!!”]

-Ever wonder how much of something, harmless or not, that it would take to kill you?

Well from Mercury, to Polonium, Coffee, Alcohol, Water, Dehydration, Salt, Lack of Oxygen, Cherry Pits, Altitude, Height, Chocolate Bars, Marijuana, …

ASAPScience breaks out the numbers to answer your burning questions…

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One Day We Will Have Better Ice Cream For Our Babies, Because: ‘MURRICA! SCIENCE!

girl in gray sweater with glasses holding out ice cream cone in mall atrium

UK Food Scientists International Heroes like these guys have [re]disovered a curious natural protein that happens to have some seasonally-apt, and awesomely-paradoxical properties.

When the magical stuff is added to ice cream, the ice cream, in-fact, melts slower. Not zero hot-weather drips, but dang close.

Also, this angel from upon-high to sweaty summer children has other benefits. It seems to make the ice cream smoother, similar to the more expensive varieties that have less air, finer crystals, & more butterfat…

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Lively Up -Yo- Self! PsychoBiotics Suggests Possible Anxiety, Depression, Other Mental Health Fixes. -From Yogurt

daisy the cat eats some iogo yogurt

So we’ve told you about the Human Micro-Biome here before.

That collection of microbes on & in us doesn’t just sit there, it affects us.

And so far it looks connected to at-least stress, heart-disease, and obesity.

Well Scientists have done a few more experiments and it turns out, just like the crazy-cat-lady-disease, the microbiome can also affect…

-your MIND!


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FDA Makes Product Warnings On NSAID Painkillers Even Sterner

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First it was our old friend Vioxx that caused about 140,000 heart attacks in the early 2000s.

As a result, the FDA began warning people about the risk of heart attack and stroke with this class of meds as far back as 2005.

Still further, it seems biotech researchers suspected those risks for as-long-as 15 years; at least in high-dose cases.

Well Now: The FDA is putting its foot down still further and ramping up warnings on even garden variety…

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.