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Body Fat Study Further Reduces Importance of BMI, Low-Carb Tape-Measure Sales Skyrocket

female lifeguard in blue bikini running on beach

An Interesting Measurement -Of The Wrong Thing:
For quite awhile, BMI has been used as an indicator of obesity.

And for most of that time it’s been considered as good as any measure out there.

But a recent study by 2 universities in Canada is trying to put the final punctuation-mark on many people’s recent critiques of its shortcomings.

And they just might have succeeded…

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Video: ASAPScience Chimes In On The Exercise Vs. Diet Question. -Which Is King For Weight-Loss?

With everyone starting their new fitness regimes & gym memberships, trying to lose the Winter fat, the guys at ASAPScience thought it was a good time to check in with the studies on Exercise Vs. Nutrition.

Which is actually more important?:
Anyone whose ever worked out, or resisted the urge to eat Just. One. More. can relate & will probably find the discussion worthwhile.

While the guys don’t really get into details of nutrition like what types of…

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The Case Against Gyms – At Least 10 Reasons To Reconsider Joining One

cat on barbell weight lifting

And now, another installment in our gym-tirade comes in the form of an insider-perspective.

From all the crazy people you might see in The Buff Dudes’ “Gym Wildlife” video, to some of the membership chicanery in Cracked’s sadly-accurate ad, and on to other topics like:

1) The sheer amount of dirt, germs & athlete’s-foot present; whether your gym cleans the equipment; or not….

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Video: Have A Laugh At Getting Back To The Gym Watching The Buff Dudes’ BBC-Style Mockumentary, “Gym Wildlife”, With Whitney Johns

The Buff Dudes Channel on YouTube has a great set of videos on weightlifting and nutrition for muscle-gain.

Well now they can add comedy to their resume, too.

In a surprisingly-good BBC/Attenborough-Narration-style parody, the Buff Dudes go through all the weird, off-putting, and occasionally almost-normal “animals” you might run into if you ever dare set foot into gyms of varying seriousness…

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Video: Thinking About A New Gym Membership? There’s A Sadly-Accurate Ad For That

I don’t mean to jump on anyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, but this video is so dead-on it’s not just funny; it hurts.

Anyone who’s ever been to a commercial mega-gym or God-forbid, tried to get out of their membership agreement once you’ve decided to cancel, should really be able to relate…

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Look Out Schwarzenegger, China’s Making Superdogs!

corgi in super dog costume on beach

-And one day, maybe Super-You. Or your super-grandkids.

So a short while ago, Chinese researchers pulled-off some of the first gene-modifications with that new technique from “BREAKTHROUGH”.

What they did with it is to create a new generation of dogs with a very uncommon trait: Super Muscles.

What it could mean for us one day is another set of radical changes; maybe whether we like it or not…

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19 Of Buzzfeed’s Tweets About Exercise Should Prep You For All Your New Year’s Workout Resolutions

aparna nancherla @aparnapkin exercise sliding down a wall tweet

With the New Year approaching soon and marathons over recently, I agree with BuzzFeed that a few pick-me-ups of sadly-accurate exercise humor is just what the doctor ordered to psych you up for all your Get-in-shape resolutions & new gym memberships!

And your trainer (or WebMD’s Fit-O-Meter) should Absolutely be able to tell you how many calories you’ve burned sliding down that wall crying.

Now check out the other 18!…

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Exercise In A Bottle: Tricky Enzyme Can Force Bodyfat To Self-Regulate, Burn Calories, & Get You Into Your Old Clothes Again

black and white west point baton sprint

One of the problems we have right now with obesity is that we are in an unprecedented time of caloric & sugary plenty in the developed world.

The reason that’s an issue is the human body evolved its metabolism to store fat, so you don’t die in a famine. -A thing we still used to have until very recently.

So now, where the body has not caught up to the times, science has. Because if scientists have their way, your present damnation of excess fat could strangely become your salvation…

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Woman Loses ½ Her Bodyweight Through Simple Yet Impressive Means

toddler with red jacket on starting line of racetrack

Nothing too revolutionary here. -At least not in-terms of biotech inventions or hidden health-hacks and freakonomics.

Just a very determined average person trying whatever she could do, one baby-step at a time.

Teena Henson’s story is “Biggest Loser”-weight loss without all the BS or reality-TV-salaciousness.

Among those small steps were: Finding a gym with workable hours, Quitting soda immediately, Losing other fast carbs, Phasing-in exercise, Switching …

CNN-Teena Henson

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