Exercise In A Bottle: Tricky Enzyme Can Force Bodyfat To Self-Regulate, Burn Calories, & Get You Into Your Old Clothes Again

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One of the problems we have right now with obesity is that we are in an unprecedented time of caloric & sugary plenty in the developed world.

The reason that’s an issue is the human body evolved its metabolism to store fat, so you don’t die in a famine. -A thing we still used to have until very recently.

So now, where the body has not caught up to the times, science has. Because if scientists have their way, your present damnation of excess fat could strangely become your salvation…

Woman Loses ½ Her Bodyweight Through Simple Yet Impressive Means

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Nothing too revolutionary here. -At least not in-terms of biotech inventions or hidden health-hacks and freakonomics.

Just a very determined average person trying whatever she could do, one baby-step at a time.

Teena Henson’s story is “Biggest Loser”-weight loss without all the BS or reality-TV-salaciousness.
Among those small steps were: Finding a gym with workable hours, Quitting soda immediately, Losing other fast carbs, Phasing-in exercise, Switching …

CNN-Teena Henson

I Was Just Going To Complain About My Diet Until TheChive Reminded Me Of Christian Bale

christian bale as Dicky Eklund in The Fighter

1 Apple, 1 Can of Tuna, Coffee, Cigarettes & Vitamins to lose 63lbs. -or 34% of his mass in 4 months for “The Machinist”?

A little tiny bit more food, but running 4+ hour Ultra-Marathon-equivalents to lose almost as much between “Terminator Salvation” and “The Fighter”?
…-My Complaining? -OVER!
• Inspired By:
TheChive-I’m fairly convinced Christian Bale is a shapeshifter

• More Coverage:
MensHealth-A few cautions on crazy CB-type diets
DailyNews-CB’s Fighter & Machinist Diets
Moreprimetime.com-Odd blog, but good breakdown on Bale & Damon

IL-COMMUNICATION! SCAR-BOTAGE!!! -Before It Kills You, Fat Will Also Make You Stupid

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Ever hear someone called a Fathead? Well whoever invented that sobriquet turns out to be on to something.

In addition to just plain plotting to kill you, your Fat is officially also making you easier prey on the Savannah by turning your brain into a pile of mush before it finishes you off.

[ed: your cat has not yet been formally indicted on equal conspiracy charges, but come-on...]
So: The latest salvo launched by Researchers at Georgia Regents University’s Prevention Center is a mouse study that not only showed excess amounts of body-fat produce inflammation…

Little Blue Pill, My ****! All A Guy Needs Is An Eva Green

candice swanepoel victorias secret swim 2013 blue top tie dye bottom

Chalk another one up for the “Horny Scientists Study Sex, File Results Under Captain Obvious Department”.

Stuart Brody, Petr Weiss and their cult of Kinsey-following-hound-dogs at the University of West Scotland [who would not let yours-truly tag along, DAMMIT] conducted a noble experiment on our favorite species: WOO-MAAAN!!!, doing our favorite activity: “Ye Olde How’s your father?”, and come up with some guessable-yet-Fantastic results…

The Bionic Man Runs Again! New Hydrogel Could Replace Cartilage

blue gel macro closeup

And on the Running theme, anyone who’s had a joint issue for whatever reason, can attest to how hard it is to get back on your feet.

Well, buck up little camper, Because: Science!

By synthesizing a new combination-gel that unites two different types, that then absorb calcium molecules, scientists at Harvard have come up with what they think might be a pretty good Replacement for Cartilage.

HarvardSEAS-Tough gel stretches to 21 times its length, recoils, and heals itself

The Ghost of Jim Fixx Returns: Running Bad, Wine Good?

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James H O’Keefe and Carl Lavie of Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute and the U. Mo. -Kansas City MedSchool have just pronounced the words every poor suffering bastard running his Nikes to the midsole has been waiting to hear since the 70′s taught them Afros on white men were awesome:

“Chronic extreme exercise appears to cause excessive ‘wear-and-tear’ on the heart, inducing adverse structural and electrical remodelling, which offsets some of the CV benefits and longevity improvements conferred by moderate physical activity”

-This includes Running.

• Source Study: BMJ,Heart-Run for your life … at a comfortable speed and not too far

• via: OutsideMag

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