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All You Need Is Love! Snuggle-Hormone Does Something Interesting For Your Brain, Man…

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Love, Actually Is A Brain Chemical:
A lot of recent research has been focused on brain-building through nootropics/supplements and special meditation.

Both have shown some interesting and unexpected results, especially on improvement in quality of life.

As researchers of all kinds try to improve that life-experience from Gilgamesh, to R.W. Emerson, to Eckhart Tolle, new & old ideas get discovered & re-discovered.

And one of them is an out-of-the-way chemical scientists thought restricted to basic-cable reruns of “Love Actually”…

(come on, admit it, you watch that over the holidays too.)

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Video: DNews Asks Which Creativity Drug Works Best. -Alcohol Or Marijuana?

How To Optimize Free Creative Output:
Since some super-creative people have taken different psychoactives to help them work better, there has been a long debate about which is more effective.

And in this video, DNews looks into two of them. Marijuana and Alcohol.

It would seem at first that many writers tend to favor Alcohol, with guys like Fitzgerald, Hemingway, & Twain being on that list.

But on the other hand, many other artistic folk seem to favor Marijuana. To name a few of them: Carl Sagan, Alexandre Dumas, and Salvador Dali.

So which is the best “supplement” for creativity-boostage?…

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Stress Researchers: Healthy Eating Isn’t Enough. You Have To Treat Your Heart & Mind Well, Too.

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Eating Healthier Is All You Need, Right?:
For awhile now, at least since the “Margarine is groovy!” 1970s, we’ve all been told to eat healthier.

We then made up for all the hydrogenated oils with a new addiction to Olive Oil in the pasta-fantastic Big 80’s.

And despite the recent ethical-sourcing commercials at Chipotle & Panera, it turns out we neglected one thing: Literally & Figuratively, Your Heart.

Because no matter how healthy you eat, what you put the Figurative one through could be a real problem for everything else…

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ACHTUNG LADY! SAD Therapy Tools Work Like Viagra For Men’s Mojo

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Psychology Sees The Light:
So one of the more recent discoveries in psychology is similar to one admission by the evil DrugCo. CEO played by Roger Horton in a previous entry:

If you live far from the equator, the seasons change your mood; sometimes too much.

One of the ways to fix this is to bring back the sunlight with a very special light-box.

It’s so effective, that the light is said to be as good as CBT for people affected.

Well that boost in mood got some crafty Italian researchers thinking; and they just might put Pfizer out of business…

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Video: Cracked Takes A Crack At An Honest Antidepressant Commercial + Bonus!

The Drug-Pushers Are Here For Your Soul:
In this video, Cracked’s Honest Commercials touches on a little bit of our problems with drug companies.

This time, for Antidepressants.

It’s a bit drier and more ironic than their normal stuff, but a lot of it is dead-on.

Especially about switching medications, the placebo effect on mood disorders, incomplete understanding of depression-mechanics and their brain-chemistry roots,

And most of all, Marketing psychoactive drugs to individual consumers…

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Now We Know Why Vegetarians Sound So Dumb & Dizzy. It’s Because Creatine Boosts All Different Kinds Of Brain POWAH!

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Not All Substitutes Are Equal:
All cheekiness aside, we just did a post on the sexy people over at Eater’s test of the newest vegetable-only burger, by Impossible Foods.

But one of the ideas we raised at the end was: Maybe it tastes close now, maybe even identical in the future,

-But does it give you the same-or-better Nutrition when you take everything into consideration?

Well, one of Red Meat’s components is a salt called Creatine. And sciency-researchers are finding out some very interesting brain-stuff about its new best friend…

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Video: ASAPScience Lists A Few Of The Ways Social Media Is Changing The Structure Of Your Brain

A Tool That Changes You As You Use It:
In this video, ASAPScience takes us through everyone’s favorite internet distraction besides cat-videos: Social Media.

It’s so popular that 1/3 of the whole world, and almost 60% of the US uses it.

And it turns out that this basic-human-need amplifier is not just a fun curiosity. It’s an application that rewires not just the internet, but also parts of You…

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YOU WIN! -SCIENCE! Finds Being A Hypochondriac Makes You Healthier

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So Being Anxious Is Actually Good For Something?:
Rejoice, HealthTrekker visitors, Rejoice! -This is your lucky day.

Now, we’ve previously told you that of all the personality types, The “Grouch”, or anxious/depressed/irritable/pessimistic has many times higher risk of cardiovascular issues than all of the other types; even the seemingly-risky Type A.

Well, in a study by the University of Rochester, it turns out there are some real, measurable health-benefits to being a tiny bit of that “Grouch”-type, with a good dose of Types C & A, too…

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Oh Pot, Is There Nothing You Can’t Make Better? -Marijuana’s THC Removes Alzheimer’s Junk From Brain

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Reefer Madness Perhaps Not So Mad After All:
Now I know the stoner-crowd has a rep for being a bunch of hippie-dropouts who will use just about any pseudoscience available to defend their habit.

Because they want their drugs and that’s all there is to it. -Munchies be damned.

Well buckle-up Amanda Bynes, because !SCIENCE! just dropped one of the dankest jams in-favor of THC since the invention of the cannabinoid-receptor 600 million years ago.

(not counting any of the Magnum Opuses by Messrs. Cheech & Chong)…

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Video: The Science Of Us Checks Out Why There’s Something Better For Your Brain Than Mindfulness Meditation

There Is More Than 1 Type Of Meditation:
There is a lot of talk recently about Mindfulness.

That is: Meditating really hard on your immediate-present and not letting stray thoughts take over. -The Eckhart Tolle stuff.

And while there is nothing wrong with this type of meditation, another type more similar to Zoning-Out is also important to your mental abilities, and your mental health…

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