MIT Scientists Help Explain Zombies With Fiber Optics

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Ever feel like after last night’s over-40 drinking-binge you were barely making it through your day?

And though you were still technically on your feet, you felt like you were “half-asleep”?

Well thanks to MIT’s researchers, we’ve found out you were more right than you know…

NatGeo’s BREAKTHROUGH Is 6 Episodes Of Future-Awesome

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Well, NatGeo has started putting on a new series, and it’s right in-line with just about everything this site would ever hope to be about. -Just in video format.

It’s on Sundays, 9/8C and we’re already starting to get to the good stuff like, “More Than Human”, “Decoding The Brain”, and “The Age of Aging”.

So, while you’re waiting for the next installment, check out their trippily-animated, Hayden Planetarium-meets-Minority Report-On-LSD website.

A linked-list of the major sections is below, to help you sift through & target the content you’d like to check out…

Video: ASAPScience Asks, “What Will We Be Like In 1000 Years?”

In this video, ASAPScience speculates about what we’ll be like in another 1,000 years.

And their roundup of the predictions seems nothing if not interesting.

Intro) 3 Examples:
Over the past 10,000, 150, and 65 years, we’ve become tolerant of milk, grown 10cm taller & lived 20 years longer. All due to science in farming, healthcare & diet.
So: What else could happen going forward? You know, besides Google Glass…

Video: The Science Of Us Intros The Secret Freakonomics Of Achievement: A Little Pessimism Is Good For You

In this video, The Science Of Us talks about an interesting set of clinical discoveries made by Dr. Gabriele Oettingen on the way we think about change & success.

Despite decades of post-hippie-era positive-thinking advice. The path to those improvements it turns out, is a little more complicated.

And in-fact, what we all might need is of all things, A little Pessimism…

GATTACA + Minority Report: Science Can Now Read Your Intelligence, And One Day Your Character, From An MRI Scan

Up until now, scientists couldn’t do that much with an fMRI besides sniff out liars. -Well all that just changed, in a big way.

A team lead by Yale researchers has not only found a new use for it, but delved right into the scary and unfair depths of The Biological “Self”.

Their scanner + human connectome big-data invention is nothing short of a digital Sorting Hat, like in the Harry Potter movies.

-Oh yeah, (much like the 2012 work by WUMinn) it can also figure out +/- exactly how smart you are

Video: The Science Of Us Helps Insomniacs Put Their Best Foot Forward

It turns out that proper bedroom temperature & ultimately body temperature are vital to good sleep.

And while the National Sleep Foundation recommends the room be between 60 and 67 degrees, individual needs end up being,… -well; very individual. -And problemmatic.

So: The Science of Us jumps in to the rescue! Their answer? -Feet!…

Video: Hammerhead VR Big Data Genome Browser Finds Needles In Haystacks, -The Size Of Mount Everest

Like it or not, many factors like cheap storage are moving us toward Information Overload on a scale even Future Shock’s author could not have imagined.

Nowhere is that becoming more true than in Machine Learning and the Algorithmic-Pattern-Matcher-Meets-Server-Farm presently called, “Big Data”.

One of the first places outside Google and Facebook to have this problem? -Health Research.

The main issue with that much data is: How do you even begin to make sense of it?…


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