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LSD Makes You Think Like A Child-Prodigy, Probably Detangles You Down From The Blues

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Timothy Leary Was Right:
Across history, many people have turned to psychoactive substances for a variety of reasons; many times to effect a deeper change instead of just a temporary high.

Among that list of “shamanistic” drugs like Salvia, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and DMT, LSD has always been the good-old standby.

Now SCIENCE! is discovering it’s not just for stoners & dropouts. LSD and its siblings may actually rewire the brain and in the process, also fix some other problems.

And a recent brain-imaging study by The Imperial College of London is showing us how…

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Video: Is There An App For The Soul? Why Yes, -At Least Six.

Hack Your Mental Wellbeing With A Phone:
In this video, The Scene & Wired’s App Pack try to soothe your frazzled nerves with a few lines of machine-code to give your human-code a digital hug.

Unfortunately, the list seems to only include Mindfulness meditation apps.
I’d love to be wrong about that, because there are benefits to Both types.

Mindfulness is usually better for happiness. The more Wandering, less-focused type is usually better for Creativity & Insight.

But however the little algorithms can simplify it, the better.
What was once obscure & difficult is now becoming no further than a questionnaire & a few taps away…

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Your Mental Attitude About Aging Might Actually Make A Difference

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Olde-Tyme Wisdom Wins Again?:
There are quite a few sayings about aging and that body of knowledge includes chestnuts like: “Age is just a number.” and “You’re only as old as you feel.”

And other than confirmation-bias or just plain-old self-delusion, those sayings it-seemed were nothing more than musing or philosophy.

But then a strange thing happened, and SCIENCE! stepped in and did something it rarely-does; it gave traditional anecdotal wisdom a pretty fair shake…

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Jet-Lagged World-Traveling International Man Of Mystery? There Will Soon Be A Pill To Fix That

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Science Decodes Circadian Clock:
-Not the man of mystery part. The jet-lag.

So for awhile, we’ve relied on all manner of things to fix sleep-cycle problems, like Ambien, Melatonin, Turkey, and the old standby: High-proof Carolina Moonshine!

Well soon those days will be over if researchers from UCSD have anything to say about it. (sorry, Messrs. Motlow & Beam)

Because they’ve developed a tricky little compound that can actually shift your body’s sleep clock!

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Crowdsourced Genetics Breakthrough: Early Bird Or Night Owl? Biology Might Be Destiny

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Crowds To The Rescue!:
Health-tech darling & FDA sparring-partner 23&Me has just published a study that will make it unfortunately no easier to find excuses for your boss come Monday morning.

So, in the process of sequencing your DNA for things like potential diseases and national origins, etc. 23&Me also pulls down other data on you too.

And now, according to a self-reported survey of about 90,000 people, they’ve found another connection between genetics and behavior.

Because your genetic profile just might determine, in spite of you, if you are good at mornings or not.

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The World’s Favorite Superfood Looks Like It Might Have Yet Another Benefit. -Brainpower!

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Let Food Be Your Medicine…:
More good news, my little easter bunnies! Yet another excuse to eat the world’s most popular sweet; as if you needed one.

So, our nutritional-research Hero Dr. Georgie Crichton & her intrepid team went back and examined a study called the MSLS on what people ate and drank over time.

And they found an interesting correlation between food and smarts.

One that worked -even after- factoring out many confounding variables…

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Video: The Science Of Us Discusses How Anxiety Might Actually Improve Your Brain

In this video, the Science of Us talks about the interesting side of a difficult psychological ailment: Anxiety.

For some of us we’ve either known, -or been someone who is way too reactive or neurotic to potential-threats; or even imagined-ones.

Well in nature’s endearingly-odd way, it turns out there is very likely an upside to this analysis-paralysis.

And it starts with Greater Connections…

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“OH REEAAALLY!?!?!?!” -The Brain-Boosting Benefits of Banter & Sarcasm

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In an experiment by Francesca Gino & her colleagues, they discovered something interesting about a conversation tactic many of us have used to greater or lesser benefit depending on the situation.

It turns out that Banter, Verbal Irony, Repartee, and good-natured Badinage (what they’re calling “Sarcasm” here) is actually good for your brain, and those of all who take part in it.

But first the bad news…

Text Is Terrible. Voice Only Slightly Worse:

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NatGeo’s BREAKTHROUGH Is 6 Episodes Of Future-Awesome

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Well, NatGeo has started putting on a new series, and it’s right in-line with just about everything this site would ever hope to be about. -Just in video format.

It’s on Sundays, 9/8C and we’re already starting to get to the good stuff like, “More Than Human”, “Decoding The Brain”, and “The Age of Aging”.

So, while you’re waiting for the next installment, check out their trippily-animated, Hayden Planetarium-meets-Minority Report-On-LSD website.

A linked-list of the major sections is below, to help you sift through & target the content you’d like to check out…

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.