IL-COMMUNICATION! SCAR-BOTAGE!!! -Before It Kills You, Fat Will Also Make You Stupid

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Ever hear someone called a Fathead? Well whoever invented that sobriquet turns out to be on to something.

In addition to just plain plotting to kill you, your Fat is officially also making you easier prey on the Savannah by turning your brain into a pile of mush before it finishes you off.

[ed: your cat has not yet been formally indicted on equal conspiracy charges, but come-on...]
So: The latest salvo launched by Researchers at Georgia Regents University’s Prevention Center is a mouse study that not only showed excess amounts of body-fat produce inflammation…

Boutique IQ Here We Come, -[One(Small)] Intelligence Gene Found!

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In a study led by Dr. Sylvane Desrivières at King’s College in London, her team has found one of the first genes positively linked to Intelligence. …Maybe some day you Will be able to “Fix Stupid”?

Now NPTN wasn’t responsible for a lot of total IQ variance. -But its impairment Was correlated with an odd thinnness in the left half of the brain’s frontal+temporal cortexes;

Why that matters: In general, a thicker outer layer of “Grey Matter” is…

Telegraph UK

Lumosity Subscribe-SPLOSION! You Faster, Saner, Sharper-Eyed Players Already Know That Games Can Make You Smarter, -But Watch This Anyway

Even before Elizabeth Gould said, “PTUI!” to all the fixed-brain-cellers out there, I read an article on the subject ASAP tackles here that concluded the fast 3D FPS-style games with many crucial details required to complete a mission, raised activity in several brain regions, and ultimately, -intelligence.

Probably around the publish-date of this one by WSJ about the UMich Study.

–This was especially true for the type of player that got good at finding all the…

Cambridge Team Study On “Vegetative” Patients Finds Surprising Results, … and Tennis

male lion lying down in grass sleepy

Very similar to RadioLab’s story-most-likely-to-make-you-cry, “Finding Emilie”, Cambridge’s Dr. Srivas Chennu and his team from around the world have discovered something interesting about so-called ‘vegetative’ patients.

Some of them can hear, understand, and respond to: Exactly what you’re saying to them.

They are ‘locked-in’ but definitely still ‘there’.
Now, the EEG+fMRI results weren’t the same for the majority of the subjects tested, and not all of the 4 big-responders reacted the same way…

University of Cambridge

Oh, The Trans-Humanity!!! “Transcendence” Looks Mildly-Promising

Ok Singularity-fans, when you look at the other trailers they have of the film, it appears a little less about technology than something like “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, and more of a thriller.

-But still interesting.

Here’s to hoping they include enough accurate material to make it more “Sneakers” or “War Games”, and less “Johnny Mnemonic” or “Swordfish”.
Just don’t tell Miguel Nicolelis to check out the links:


And The Latest Decode-The-Brain Contestant Is… Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen

allen research brain explorer image

-But for now, he’s taking a different approach than almost anyone.

His thus-far $400-Million-funded Allen Institute For Brain Science is going after the visual processing center, starting with mice.

The technique they’re starting with is called: High-Throughput Electrophysiology, and it’s targeted at observing all the electrical activity in the visual center of the mouse-brain; -as it’s happening live.

Wired-Paul Allen To Reverse Engineer [Pinky's] Brain

Brain Borked? Fix It With Gel! -Not That Kind, Snooki

spiky gelled hair douchebag ladies sunglasses

+And BTW, While you’re stuck waiting for those 3-D Printed replacement Brain Parts from before

Just wiggle on down to So-Car and hit up Dr. Ning Zhang at Clemson; -whose original invention should be coming into the mainstream Any Day Now! -It was supposed to be Late 2012.
She’ll check out the severity of your Pro-Wrestling-Ladder-Fall-Concussion, ice your head, inject some Stem-CEllmer’s Gel-Glue in there (no, not that kind of head-gel, Jersey Shore cast members who’ve mistakenly wandered over here), and you’ll be back body-slamming Andre The Giant in no time…


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