Holy Super Mario! Brain’s Anti-Alzheimer Sewer-System Discovered!

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Scientists have known about one of the brain’s cleaning-systems for awhile. But they have long speculated there is more going on.

Well, technology has finally put the tools in-hand to prove them right.

Through a new technique called two-photon microscopy, the Rochester team was finally-able to observe what they always believed.

And their observations prove another point science has made for awhile: they can’t figure it all out yet, but good sleep is Absolutely-Crucial to good health…

ASAPScience Babbles Briefly About Brain Bunk

7 myths about the brain you thought were true asap science screenshotHere, ASAP talks about common tropes, urban myths, or just plain zombie-information that keeps resurfacing about the complicated majesty inside your noggin.

You could probably find each part of their list somewhere on Snopes, to be sure.

They talk about how much & what type of damage drugs and alcohol do to your brain, how much of it you use, the Right-Brain/Left-Brain Creative Vs. Logical meme, and a few others.

Would have been nice if they got into just a little more detail on…


(more like a-hundred) Twenty-Three And Me (amirite?!), -Nature Throws Another Fast-Adapting Curveball: Genetically-Inheritable-Psychology

peanuts winter doctor lucy psychiatrist kevin dooley

So a while ago, science kicked Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s butt largely to the curb, tossing him in with the nutbar phrenologists and palm-readers.

DNA=Traits+Health, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. That is all. No character or experience could be inherited outside of Dr. Freud’s Psychology.

Well the latest broadside by the new-ish science of Epigenetics into the flanks of older-science: Genetics has just hit in the form of some bummed-out mouse…

Elizabeth Bathory Was Right: Young Blood Is The Solution To Aging

kate beckinsale selene underworld blood on lips

-Ok, Elizabeth, Bram Stoker, and a million folk-tales across human history.

Well, scientists are proving these oldey-timey, gruesome omens just about right.

In [what is actually the latest in a series of] experiments on mice, it turns out that blood transfused from a younger one to an older one Does in-fact make the older one quite a bit more sprightly.
I only heard about this a year or two ago in the last big experiment, but it looks like…

Knopfler Lab Stem Cell Blog

Your Brain May Be Sleep-Deprived But At Least That Morning Coffee Helps You Remember Why

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With all the recent bad news about sleep-problems being more serious than we thought before, here’s a bit of good news:

Coffee may be helping your brain in ways we didn’t previously know.

In this instance, a group of about 160 non-coffee-drinking adults were given pills while studying a series of images. One group got caffeine in those pills, and the other got placebos.

It turns out the caffeine group did noticeably-better on a certain type of deep-memory test 24 hours later.

This Is Your Brain’s LC On Sleep-Dept or Provigil: As Horrific As Christian Bale’s Physique In “The Machinist”

black cat sleeping nose closeup

And here we thought cats were lazy. They were just being Geniuses. Why? Read-on:

Results of the study by UPenn will probably strike sheer-terror into the hearts of late-shift-workers, college-students, Zach Braffs, and new-parents alike.

Their CSCN team decided to test what it’s like for the Brain after an All-Nighter or going past your natural bedtime due to a late-shift job.

And One thing they found was: Your brain is OK at recovering after a little missed-sleep-cycle on a [very] short-term basis.
HOWEVER, The Other Thing they found was…

Sherlock Doesn’t Need To Know The Earth Goes Round The Sun And Neither Should You. -Because Your Brain Forgets On-Purpose

scumbag brain meme remembers face not name

John: [...]Or that the earth goes around the sun.
Sherlock: Oh God, that again! It’s not important!
John: Not important? It’s primary school stuff! How can you not know that?
Sherlock: Well, if I ever did, I’ve deleted it.
John: “Deleted it”?
Sherlock: Listen. This is my hard-drive, and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful. Really useful. Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish, and that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters! Do you see?

Well it turns out that high-functioning-sociopath Sherlock! & your brain have something in-common.

For the first-time, researchers have discovered that it has a Protein, named after one of the world’s most awesome swordsmen -or cats as the case may be, that purposely-destabilizes synapses between some neurons in your brain, Actively making you more-likely to Forget…


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