UT Team Figures Out How To ‘Glue’ Injured Nerves Back Together

yellow tube of multipurpose glue on wooden board with drops

Nerve injuries of all types are terrible events for anyone experiencing them.

And the outlook is generally-poor, because we really don’t heal as well as Dr. Connors in The Amazing Spiderman.

So George Bittner’s UT team has come up with the obvious solution: Turn people into crocodiles.

They soon discovered that was really hard to do. So for the time being, they came up with a workaround: Stop the ‘scarring’ process & get things back together…

Curry Spice Might Help Brain Repair Itself, Chillax, Then Take Over World

sun meditation lotus position silhouette with sun behind top of head

And here we go back to our old friend, Turmeric.

Will the wonder-spice never cease to astound?

You’re all familiar with the rockstar compound from it, called Curcumin, which does all kinds of stuff and is a great anti-inflammatory.
HOWEVER! There is now a Second compound researchers are studying from the spice, called Aromatic-Turmerone.

And it seems to have a different superpower: Making brain-cells grow…

You Can Probably Guess Another Person’s Political Views. -With Your Nose

right side view of sleeping corgi muzzle

On the sillier end of things, another pheromone study has come out.

And it says, somehow mystifyingly, that people can more-or-less smell each-others’ political beliefs.

Whatever the influence is, it’s got to be extremely-subtle given all possible environmental variables (if this study is not completely BS, of-course).

SO: What the researchers did was to set things up similar to the er, ~somewhat-proven Immune-System…

Video: Big Think With Michio Kaku, Debunking The Debunkers On Psychology & Dreams

dr. michio kaku on the science of dreams for big think youtube screenshotIn this video for BigThink, Dr. Michio Kaku talks a little bit about the science of dreams and its relation to psychology.

It turns out that many of the notions that Sigmund Freud had been chastised-for over time are actually correct assumptions, as proven with modern brain-scanning technology…

The Energy Project’s Tony Schwartz: Sleep Is More Important Than Food

japanese businessman sleeping on tokyo train

In his piece over at the HBR, business productivity expert and writer Tony Schwartz makes the argument that Sleep is more important than food.

I guess he has a point, sleep cannot be stored in bodyfat for times of famine.

He cites several informal surveys of his own with clients admitting they get 7 hours or less of sleep per night. -Which he then contrasts with more formal research stating that at least in one study, only 2.5% of the participants needed 7 hour or less.

Where there was no…

Video: Neo-Hippie Silverstoning-Aside, Why Exactly Do We Kiss?

vsauce why do we kiss video screenshot attachment Though not as cutely-illustrated as ASAPScience’s stuff, Michael Stevens of VSauce goes into some interesting depth and detours here about the science and evolution of kissing.

Some of what he covers in this vid include: Kissing is healthy for us, it’s probably been used as a “Taste Test” part of mate-selection for well; -ever, Don’t go all Silverstone but Kissing was probably used for the world’s first and maybe healthiest baby-food, and into the darker areas of science,…

Holy Super Mario! Brain’s Anti-Alzheimer Sewer-System Discovered!

silver organ pipes sagrada familia church with roof and pillars

Scientists have known about one of the brain’s cleaning-systems for awhile. But they have long speculated there is more going on.

Well, technology has finally put the tools in-hand to prove them right.

Through a new technique called two-photon microscopy, the Rochester team was finally-able to observe what they always believed.

And their observations prove another point science has made for awhile: they can’t figure it all out yet, but good sleep is Absolutely-Crucial to good health…


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