New Year’s Dieting Gem: The Hacker’s Diet

tft lcd screen hex code blocks

If you are the least bit nerdy/engineery, can use a calculator, and love long walks on the beach,

and numbers,

then the old classic, “Hacker’s Diet” may be for you.

It’s strong on monitoring, check-ins, calorie counting/tracking, and metabolism calcs.

-And as such is at least a good starting framework. -Even if you look Only at the “Rubber Bag” page that gives the basic Daily-Calorie-Burn guidelines.

But feel free to ignore (Autodesk founder) John Walker’s assertions that all food types are the same, proper Macro+Micro-nutrition is unimportant, and that frequency does not matter, if you like.

Photo Credits: “TFT screen close-up 2″, by Henk L.

• Source: Hacker’s Diet Site
• via: Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools
• More Coverage: Wikipedia

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