You Can’t Fix Stupid, but You -Can- Grow New Brain Cells

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Churchill would paint, Einstein played the violin; Stalin had nude ballet. -On a personal note, I’ll go with the ElectroShock therapy and a 5g Gotu Kola chaser.

Elizabeth Gould (who is kind of sexy for a geek) and others have shown that lab animals can grow new neurons after the time that it was said to be impossible.
—So, there’s hope for all of us.

The researchers found that all previous neurogenesis experiments had placed their subjects in static environments that gave them no reason to grow new brain cells.

Specifically, it is exciting that growth can take place in Both the Neocortex And the Hippocampus.

The key seems to be new and challenging environments, learning new skills, and play.

-Either that or Antidepressants and Alzheimer’s medications.

Photo Credits: “buddha2″, by moonfire

• Source: Princeton – Cortex Neurogenesis
• More Coverage: Brynmawr – Neurogenesis | Antidepressant Neurogenesis | NYT | Kathy Sierra – Cubicle Sprawl → Human Lab Rats
• Source Study: ScienceMag-Neurogenesis in the Neocortex of Adult Primates

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