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Exercise Less, Lose More. Whaaaa…? Danish Study Discovers The Secret Freakonomics Of Fat

jerry the minion says what from the movie despicable me

Oh God, This Sounds Like An Infomercial.:
We’ve told you before that Nutrition is king for losing fat or weight.

We’ve also told you that the slow-carb diets are the ones that pay the greatest returns over time, too.

And we’ve also recruited cast-iron triathletes and anorexic movie-stars to help convince you that you cannot out-exercise bad nutrition.

Well, the Danes came up with a neat footer to the one that says you can exercise too much,

And somehow, it says you may need less exercise than you ever thought…

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ACHTUNG LADY! SAD Therapy Tools Work Like Viagra For Men’s Mojo

man by red curtains looking out window to blinding sunlight

Psychology Sees The Light:
So one of the more recent discoveries in psychology is similar to one admission by the evil DrugCo. CEO played by Roger Horton in a previous entry:

If you live far from the equator, the seasons change your mood; sometimes too much.

One of the ways to fix this is to bring back the sunlight with a very special light-box.

It’s so effective, that the light is said to be as good as CBT for people affected.

Well that boost in mood got some crafty Italian researchers thinking; and they just might put Pfizer out of business…

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Video: Cracked Takes A Crack At An Honest Antidepressant Commercial + Bonus!

The Drug-Pushers Are Here For Your Soul:
In this video, Cracked’s Honest Commercials touches on a little bit of our problems with drug companies.

This time, for Antidepressants.

It’s a bit drier and more ironic than their normal stuff, but a lot of it is dead-on.

Especially about switching medications, the placebo effect on mood disorders, incomplete understanding of depression-mechanics and their brain-chemistry roots,

And most of all, Marketing psychoactive drugs to individual consumers…

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Now We Know Why Vegetarians Sound So Dumb & Dizzy. It’s Because Creatine Boosts All Different Kinds Of Brain POWAH!

bbc sherlock season 3 the empty hearse sherlock in tunnel with flashlight

Not All Substitutes Are Equal:
All cheekiness aside, we just did a post on the sexy people over at Eater’s test of the newest vegetable-only burger, by Impossible Foods.

But one of the ideas we raised at the end was: Maybe it tastes close now, maybe even identical in the future,

-But does it give you the same-or-better Nutrition when you take everything into consideration?

Well, one of Red Meat’s components is a salt called Creatine. And sciency-researchers are finding out some very interesting brain-stuff about its new best friend…

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New Apple Watch? PSHAW! Futuristic Researchers Put The Electronics Right On Your Skin!

mit media lab duoskin 3 types of user interfaces on silver gold conductive arm stickers

The Future Is Personal, Pervasive, & Transparent:
So every once in awhile, we get a new piece of gadget-technology like a new iPhone or AppleWatch that moves things forward.

But they’re still just boxy-widgets that you have to lug around with you.

You can’t even use an Apple Watch without a phone, and it can’t make or receive calls by itself.

So they’re not even that independent. -Until now…

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Video: Eater Tries The Impossible Burger, Here To Save Planet Earth And One Day, Your Taste Buds

Can Food Save Planet Earth?:
In this video, Eater’s Kat Odell and Nick Solares introduce us to another salvo in the war to make a better burger with its inventor, Dr. Pat Brown.

This particular version has taken over 5 years to research and launch.

And thanks to some increasingly-fancy food chemistry, Impossible Foods might be getting us a step closer to a more earth-friendly, healthier future.

And while people should have the luxury to eat what they want, and a burger won’t save the planet, every little bit helps…

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Video: ASAPScience Lists A Few Of The Ways Social Media Is Changing The Structure Of Your Brain

A Tool That Changes You As You Use It:
In this video, ASAPScience takes us through everyone’s favorite internet distraction besides cat-videos: Social Media.

It’s so popular that 1/3 of the whole world, and almost 60% of the US uses it.

And it turns out that this basic-human-need amplifier is not just a fun curiosity. It’s an application that rewires not just the internet, but also parts of You…

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Thick Thighs Save Lives Not Just Amanda Lee’s Favorite Cheeky Retort. Because: Watch Out Men! -Your Belly Fat Is Officially The Most Unhealthy Type

brazilian workout girl gabi sitting with black shorts orange tank top

Body-Type Guesswork Might Have Been Right:
Apparently, “Thick Thighs Save Lives”, isn’t just the (kinda-NSFW) Instagram-stunner’s favorite cheeky retort. -It’s actually true.

So: Over time people have gone from the days of Titian when fat was rad, because it meant you actually had food, to something less desirable today.

And on that road, people started to describe horoscope-like body-types, such as Apples or Pears, to guess their potential health issues.

New research is showing their ideas were good; especially about men. And it all comes down to what you can see, versus what you can’t…

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HAY LADIEEES! -SCIENCE! Shows Carbs Make Men Less Attractive

fernando lamas and two ladies at a hollywood dinner and bar

More Bad News For Fast-Carbs:
Over time, we’ve cautioned you about the ravages of fast-carbs in your diet.

The problems they cause, the fat they make you gain.

How going past a certain bodyfat % probably accelerates it.

How excess fat puts out excess hormones & hurts your health.

Well, we just got some more bad news for fast-carbs, and this time it particularly hurts men…

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Crowdfunded Social Bullying FTW! ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Proves The Power Of YOU!

top part of ice bucket challenge progress infographic

Fast Progress In The Research World:
So just a few short years ago, civilians and celebrities all around the country rejoiced in good-natured bullying of their friends & colleagues.

And even though the premise was: either dump the bucket of ice water over your head or donate, many people went the torture-route anyway. -You know, for “fun”?

Despite this, that challenge raised $115 million dollars to fight the disease.

And then something amazing happened with a very small percentage of that money.

-The power of You did more than just fund something…

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.