Lively Up -Yo- Self! PsychoBiotics Suggests Possible Anxiety, Depression, Other Mental Health Fixes. -From Yogurt

daisy the cat eats some iogo yogurt

So we’ve told you about the Human Micro-Biome here before.

That collection of microbes on & in us doesn’t just sit there, it affects us.

And so far it looks connected to at-least stress, heart-disease, and obesity.

Well Scientists have done a few more experiments and it turns out, just like the crazy-cat-lady-disease, the microbiome can also affect…

-your MIND!


Video: VitaPerk, Two Great Things Together: Vitamin-Power And Coffee

Why should the Red Bull and Monster guys get to have all the fun and profit?

The now-insolvent 50 Cent helped give you vitamins in your water. Red Bull gives you wings.

…So why not put a little more kick into the drink most Americans use for a boost anyway?…

FDA Makes Product Warnings On NSAID Painkillers Even Sterner

heart in hands sand art

First it was our old friend Vioxx that caused about 140,000 heart attacks in the early 2000s.

As a result, the FDA began warning people about the risk of heart attack and stroke with this class of meds as far back as 2005.

Still further, it seems biotech researchers suspected those risks for as-long-as 15 years; at least in high-dose cases.

Well Now: The FDA is putting its foot down still further and ramping up warnings on even garden variety…

Video: MinuteEarth Asks, “Are We Really 99% Chimpanzee?”

-Or 80% dog?
-Or 50% banana?

Acutal reality may be a little more complex than high-school biology lead you to believe.

Check out the vid to see a few of the faults in the original theory…

Accidental Discovery Helps Pro Brain-Zappers Get Serious About Digital Drugs For Depression

three stooges spook louder screenshot curly brain shock

We’ve told you before about biohackers strapping stim-pads to their scalps to either speed up or chill-out and how Thync is formalizing that space with smartphones and science.

Well, another set of researchers is doing something similar to get serious about depression, by way of a happy-accident.

Back in 2001, Michael Rohan was doing research on how bipolar patients responded…

Big Data, Social Media, & Negative Language Means Tweets Predict Health Problems #SayWhat?

two grandsons with grandmother troubleshoot laptop wifi

Somebody get Freakonomics’ Stephen Dubner on the phone, because it sounds like an enormous leap, but apparently it’s true.

In a study by U. Penn’s Johannes Eichstaedt, it seems that certain tweets are correlated with people having an increased-risk of heart problems not of the OKCupid variety.

Digital Drugs: Thync’s Smartphone-Driven Relaxer Brings More Serious Science To The DIY Electric Brain-Hacking Set

tabby cat relaxing with person on couch drinking coffee overlaid with code

For a little while now, people have been hacking their own brains with something called tDCS, or electrodes on the scalp, trying to enhance their mood and mental functioning.

-But the potentially-dangerous bro-science practice has had spotty results, until now.

Because a company called Thync has pooled a team of experts to change all that.

When their engineers & doctors looked at all the different effects and the conflicting studies surrounding the noggin-zaps, from improvements on…

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