3D-Printing To The Rescue Again! -This Time: Reconstructing A Machinehead

CARTIS planning guides stephen power reconstruction morrison hospital pdr

Awhile ago Stephen Power, like many unfortunate motorcyclists, got into a very serious wreck.

He didn’t die.

-But he Did break: both arms, both cheek bones, both eye-sockets, his upper jaw, his right leg so badly it needed a bone-graft, and for the hat-trick he also managed to crack his skull.

So OK, not good.
But, before they decided to give 3D-reconstruction-wizard Susmita Bose a run for her money, his frankly-heroic surgeons…

I Was Just Going To Complain About My Diet Until TheChive Reminded Me Of Christian Bale

christian bale as Dicky Eklund in The Fighter

1 Apple, 1 Can of Tuna, Coffee, Cigarettes & Vitamins to lose 63lbs. -or 34% of his mass in 4 months for “The Machinist”?

A little tiny bit more food, but running 4+ hour Ultra-Marathon-equivalents to lose almost as much between “Terminator Salvation” and “The Fighter”?
…-My Complaining? -OVER!
• Inspired By:
TheChive-I’m fairly convinced Christian Bale is a shapeshifter

• More Coverage:
MensHealth-A few cautions on crazy CB-type diets
DailyNews-CB’s Fighter & Machinist Diets
Moreprimetime.com-Odd blog, but good breakdown on Bale & Damon

IL-COMMUNICATION! SCAR-BOTAGE!!! -Before It Kills You, Fat Will Also Make You Stupid

beastie boys sabotage publicity photo

Ever hear someone called a Fathead? Well whoever invented that sobriquet turns out to be on to something.

In addition to just plain plotting to kill you, your Fat is officially also making you easier prey on the Savannah by turning your brain into a pile of mush before it finishes you off.

[ed: your cat has not yet been formally indicted on equal conspiracy charges, but come-on...]
So: The latest salvo launched by Researchers at Georgia Regents University’s Prevention Center is a mouse study that not only showed excess amounts of body-fat produce inflammation…

Apparently Jim Gaffigan Is Not One Of Us. -KALE FO LIFE, YO!!!

Paleness Superhero, career spraytan-protester, and all-around Snooki Arch-Enemy Jim Gaffigan grumps his way through his thoughts on ice-cream-based health-programs & criminally-intemperate milk-varieties on Conan.
Teamcoco-Jim Gaffigan on Health Foods

Crafty Researchers Cast Blood Vessels Into 3D Printed Replacement Organs

why you cant print that pie chart printer problem somethingofthatilk.com failblog

The interesting intersection between the ‘Old’ and New sciences of Stem Cells and 3D-Printing is starting to provide some amazing developments in both Life-Extension and Replacement-Parts.

The well-known windpipe-replacement is also one of the bigger successes in that category as of late.
*However, to make these things Truly Useful, there are still quite a few obstacles to overcome.

-And now, Make that quite a few, -Minus One.
Jennifer Lawrence Lewis and her team have come up with quite an ingenious…

Tsar Wars, The Phantom Influence: Sugar & Corn Play Spy-Vs.-Spy Shadow War To Swipe Sweet Profits

mad magazine Antonio Prohías spy vs spy red black bombs

A lot of times when you read new health info on the internet, you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Well Eric Lipton helps shed some new light on just how bad that can get with his piece at the NYT on the shadowy showdown between the Sugar and Corn Industries and their operators (which hopefully doesn’t include the Rutgers work on Soda).

The digest reads abit like one of those old “Spy Vs. Spy” cartoons,…

Boutique IQ Here We Come, -[One(Small)] Intelligence Gene Found!

dark background bright sparkler center

In a study led by Dr. Sylvane Desrivières at King’s College in London, her team has found one of the first genes positively linked to Intelligence. …Maybe some day you Will be able to “Fix Stupid”?

Now NPTN wasn’t responsible for a lot of total IQ variance. -But its impairment Was correlated with an odd thinnness in the left half of the brain’s frontal+temporal cortexes;

Why that matters: In general, a thicker outer layer of “Grey Matter” is…

Telegraph UK

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