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Video: Eater Tries The Impossible Burger, Here To Save Planet Earth And One Day, Your Taste Buds

Can Food Save Planet Earth?:
In this video, Eater’s Kat Odell and Nick Solares introduce us to another salvo in the war to make a better burger with its inventor, Dr. Pat Brown.

This particular version has taken over 5 years to research and launch.

And thanks to some increasingly-fancy food chemistry, Impossible Foods might be getting us a step closer to a more earth-friendly, healthier future.

And while people should have the luxury to eat what they want, and a burger won’t save the planet, every little bit helps…

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Video: ASAPScience Lists A Few Of The Ways Social Media Is Changing The Structure Of Your Brain

A Tool That Changes You As You Use It:
In this video, ASAPScience takes us through everyone’s favorite internet distraction besides cat-videos: Social Media.

It’s so popular that 1/3 of the whole world, and almost 60% of the US uses it.

And it turns out that this basic-human-need amplifier is not just a fun curiosity. It’s an application that rewires not just the internet, but also parts of You…

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Thick Thighs Save Lives Not Just Amanda Lee’s Favorite Cheeky Retort. Because: Watch Out Men! -Your Belly Fat Is Officially The Most Unhealthy Type

brazilian workout girl gabi sitting with black shorts orange tank top

Body-Type Guesswork Might Have Been Right:
Apparently, “Thick Thighs Save Lives”, isn’t just the (kinda-NSFW) Instagram-stunner’s favorite cheeky retort. -It’s actually true.

So: Over time people have gone from the days of Titian when fat was rad, because it meant you actually had food, to something less desirable today.

And on that road, people started to describe horoscope-like body-types, such as Apples or Pears, to guess their potential health issues.

New research is showing their ideas were good; especially about men. And it all comes down to what you can see, versus what you can’t…

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HAY LADIEEES! -SCIENCE! Shows Carbs Make Men Less Attractive

fernando lamas and two ladies at a hollywood dinner and bar

More Bad News For Fast-Carbs:
Over time, we’ve cautioned you about the ravages of fast-carbs in your diet.

The problems they cause, the fat they make you gain.

How going past a certain bodyfat % probably accelerates it.

How excess fat puts out excess hormones & hurts your health.

Well, we just got some more bad news for fast-carbs, and this time it particularly hurts men…

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Crowdfunded Social Bullying FTW! ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Proves The Power Of YOU!

top part of ice bucket challenge progress infographic

Fast Progress In The Research World:
So just a few short years ago, civilians and celebrities all around the country rejoiced in good-natured bullying of their friends & colleagues.

And even though the premise was: either dump the bucket of ice water over your head or donate, many people went the torture-route anyway. -You know, for “fun”?

Despite this, that challenge raised $115 million dollars to fight the disease.

And then something amazing happened with a very small percentage of that money.

-The power of You did more than just fund something…

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Pleated Jeans Gives Us 18 Very Painful-Looking Reminders To Wear Your Sunscreen This Summer

pleated jeans sunburn on back with eyes that looks like Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants

You Don’t Want To Learn This Lesson The Hard Way:
Now remember to put your sunblock on, boys and girls!

And while you’re at it, go back & read the post on the EWG’s list of the best ones for you.

Here are a few of the 18 painful examples Pleated Jeans rounded up to remind you to do it.


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Übertool Comics Discovers The Source Behind Each Year’s Mystifying New Fad Health-Foods

ubertool comic 150 the wise old food man of the mountains tells us what random thing to eat this year

It IS A New Thing Every Year, Isn’t It?:
As we’ve already seen from our friend/arch-enemy/frenemy, Jim Gaffigan, some people just can’t get on the Kale bandwagon.

On the other hand, many people seem to run their health-programs based only on what’s new for the year.

-As Übertool describes here…

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YOU WIN! -SCIENCE! Finds Being A Hypochondriac Makes You Healthier

dark blue room window blinds girl with clock video projected on back

So Being Anxious Is Actually Good For Something?:
Rejoice, HealthTrekker visitors, Rejoice! -This is your lucky day.

Now, we’ve previously told you that of all the personality types, The “Grouch”, or anxious/depressed/irritable/pessimistic has many times higher risk of cardiovascular issues than all of the other types; even the seemingly-risky Type A.

Well, in a study by the University of Rochester, it turns out there are some real, measurable health-benefits to being a tiny bit of that “Grouch”-type, with a good dose of Types C & A, too…

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Oh Pot, Is There Nothing You Can’t Make Better? -Marijuana’s THC Removes Alzheimer’s Junk From Brain

vintage kool cigarettes pin up ad by ben-hur baz

Reefer Madness Perhaps Not So Mad After All:
Now I know the stoner-crowd has a rep for being a bunch of hippie-dropouts who will use just about any pseudoscience available to defend their habit.

Because they want their drugs and that’s all there is to it. -Munchies be damned.

Well buckle-up Amanda Bynes, because !SCIENCE! just dropped one of the dankest jams in-favor of THC since the invention of the cannabinoid-receptor 600 million years ago.

(not counting any of the Magnum Opuses by Messrs. Cheech & Chong)…

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Video: Check Out People Are Awesome’s Fitness Superheroes

There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes…:
Well now that Copa America Centenario and Euro Cup 2016 are over, thus depriving us of the genius of Messi and Antoine Greizmann.

And your fix of superhumanism at the Rio Olympics is still a few weeks away,

Why not get your fitness motivation on and check out these more ordinary people still doing amazing stuff!…

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