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Video: ASAPScience Chimes In On The Exercise Vs. Diet Question. -Which Is King For Weight-Loss?

With everyone starting their new fitness regimes & gym memberships, trying to lose the Winter fat, the guys at ASAPScience thought it was a good time to check in with the studies on Exercise Vs. Nutrition.

Which is actually more important?:
Anyone whose ever worked out, or resisted the urge to eat Just. One. More. can relate & will probably find the discussion worthwhile.

While the guys don’t really get into details of nutrition like what types of…

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Have Some Yogurt With That Salad! Because Fiberless Western Diets Ruin Your Health. -And Your Grandchildren’s Too.

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How Soon Is Now?:
So we recently learned that the modern western diet undernourishes our insides & probably results in health problems that come from probiotic deficiencies.

But they’re not just your health problems for now.

Because Justin & Erica Sonnenburg found out something else about your body’s helpful microbes; because wait, it gets worse.

They discovered that once a creature loses these microbes…

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Fire Up The Fiber! Get That Apple-A-Day! Because You’re Actually Eating For Two. -Trillion

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There Are Bigger Problems Than Just Big Carbs:
So for at least awhile now, a few decades after the 80’s low-fat high-pasta big-hair crazy-times, people have been warned about both the burgers, fries & snacks-style western diet, and also getting too many sweets & “fast” carbs.

Well, now we can add another demerit to the western diet: Health problems that come from probiotic deficiencies.

Because the fiber in your food isn’t just there to keep you functioning, there’s a lot more to it. Read on…

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The Case Against Gyms – At Least 10 Reasons To Reconsider Joining One

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And now, another installment in our gym-tirade comes in the form of an insider-perspective.

From all the crazy people you might see in The Buff Dudes’ “Gym Wildlife” video, to some of the membership chicanery in Cracked’s sadly-accurate ad, and on to other topics like:

1) The sheer amount of dirt, germs & athlete’s-foot present; whether your gym cleans the equipment; or not….

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Video: Have A Laugh At Getting Back To The Gym Watching The Buff Dudes’ BBC-Style Mockumentary, “Gym Wildlife”, With Whitney Johns

The Buff Dudes Channel on YouTube has a great set of videos on weightlifting and nutrition for muscle-gain.

Well now they can add comedy to their resume, too.

In a surprisingly-good BBC/Attenborough-Narration-style parody, the Buff Dudes go through all the weird, off-putting, and occasionally almost-normal “animals” you might run into if you ever dare set foot into gyms of varying seriousness…

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Gentlemen, Start Your Kombuchas! -Antibiotics Cause Bigger Changes Than Previously-Thought

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Too Much Of A Good/Bad Thing:
We’ve all been told we need antibiotics from time-to-time. But sometimes, that advice gets taken a bit too far into overuse.

So much so that not only do we now have antibiotic-resistant superbugs, but many strains of old annoyances are on the verge of turning antibiotic-resistant, too.

Well now we can chalk up another issue to watch out for: Long-Term Collateral-Damage…

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Video: Thinking About A New Gym Membership? There’s A Sadly-Accurate Ad For That

I don’t mean to jump on anyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, but this video is so dead-on it’s not just funny; it hurts.

Anyone who’s ever been to a commercial mega-gym or God-forbid, tried to get out of their membership agreement once you’ve decided to cancel, should really be able to relate…

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DNA Analysis Shows Fat May Not Be All Your Fault. Genetic-Based Diets To Follow

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In a series of new studies, researchers are finding out that you personally are not the only thing responsible for your weight.

It just might be your parent’s fault too. -Or your genes anyway.

Study groups like the NIH, the University of Florida, U. Copenhagen, and others have shown that those genes are related to all kinds of things like:

Tendency to Overeat, Level of Taste-Sensitivity, Fullness-Hormone Production & Sensitivity, Fat-Storage and Food-Preference…

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Welcome To The New HealthTrekker

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Welcome to the new & improved!

Thanks for coming by!

The new site should be a little bit of a visual-refresh along with some more image-oriented content & features.

And also, it should be at least a little-bit easier to look at on many smartphones & tablets.


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Video: The Science Of Us Discusses How Anxiety Might Actually Improve Your Brain

In this video, the Science of Us talks about the interesting side of a difficult psychological ailment: Anxiety.

For some of us we’ve either known, -or been someone who is way too reactive or neurotic to potential-threats; or even imagined-ones.

Well in nature’s endearingly-odd way, it turns out there is very likely an upside to this analysis-paralysis.

And it starts with Greater Connections…

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.