Hygiene Hypothesis FTW, Part V: Chance & Social-Network Helps Prevent Food Allergies

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Chalk another one up for The Hygiene Hypothesis and good old-fashioned Chance.

In a somewhat-risky move, scientists have found a way to help children who weren’t already allergic to peanuts to stay that way.

And the lead doc got the idea when he noticed his faraway friend’s patients had much fewer allergies. -Because giving peanut-snacks to babies over there was something they just do.

So after testing them first to make sure no fatal reactions would occur,…

Honor Code Fail: The Houseplant In Your Echinacea And The Laxative In Your Mood-Booster

roadside sign with arrow red letters casino live bait

We’ve blogged about contamination here and here before, but this development seems even more audacious than before.

And Look, we all know (at least here on HT) that selecting & taking supplements is a bit of a Bro-Science. -Or if we’re Really honest, it’s Amateur Human-Guniea-Pig Biochemistry Gambling.

Well, thanks to what we’re learning from NY AG, Eric Schneiderman, and Canada’s University of Guelph, the truth is a lot worse than that…

Video: Cookie Monster Waxes Philosophical About Nutrition

mashable sesame street cookie monster shower thoughts about food met museum new york You have to admit, this guy must have the metabolism of a hummingbird.

Pretty slim & healthy for someone who eats only cookies. The entire HT readership is green with envy.

Maybe this “Stoner Stanley”-style musing is just the result of a sugar-high…

YT-Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster

Food Fight: Late 70s Low-Fat Diet Science Recs Faulty. -Or Were They?

3 1970s girls in skirts blue yellow brown smiling

A new meta-analysis review of the 70s-80s low-fat-diet recommendations of The McGovern Report is out.

And the Harcombe team concludes the science behind the report was so undercooked and incomplete as to be false.

So because of that, they suggest the floodgates on high-fat diets have been opened, and it’s: F*** The Fettuccine, Full Butter Ahead!

-Or so it would seem…

Video: Technicality, -Cholesterol In Food No Longer A Concern. -Except When It Comes In Bad Food

CBS News with Scot Pelley Dr. John LaPook new cholesterol recommendation not concern screenshot This whole thing seems more like a Technical Doctor’s Note more than anything for civilians.

Because, you can now officially worry less about Cholesterol in your food.

But if it comes in food full of Saturated Fats, or Trans-Fats (which it usually does), you’re probably going to get more Cholesterol in your blood (and thus a higher risk for heart-disease) anyway?

So: It’s a wash?…

Starbucks AHOY! -Science Discovers Yet Again That Coffee Is Awesome, This Time: Saving Your Skin

4 coffee cups on wooden table 2 with coffee 1 with beans 1 with grinds

Coffee and Tea drinking have been linked [perhaps a little tenuously at times] to a whole host of health benefits, like this, this, and this.

Well now we can add another one to that growing list.

It also turns out that coffee may prevent some cancer; on your skin; -seriously.

In a study of 400,000+ participants over about 10 years, taking into account diet and some environmental factors, drinking up to 3 cups of coffee a day was associated with a 10% reduction in…

You Are Now Wolverine: Artificial Nanoparticle Wound-Healers Invented

particle sea light board under construction room

One of the problems facing doctors, non-dolphins, and mothers of children who drink the Red Bull and yell, “Hey Y’all, Watch This!” on YouTube, is controlling blood-flow or even stopping a full-on hemorrhage at a wound.

Well that just might be a thing of the past, as UCSB docs have come up with super-small, nanoscale particles that act just like human blood-clotting agents.
Since they didn’t want to completely re-invent the wheel, the little particles are almost an exact copy of Mother Nature’s invention…

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