After Long Marketing Battle, FDA Approves “Female Viagra”. -Yay?

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Drug researchers have been trying for at least as long as regular Viagra for men to make a version of the same for women.

Sometimes, they’ve even gone as far as testing regular Viagra on women for the same effects.

And of course, results were inconsistent.

Well, just a few days ago, the FDA approved the newest drug-salvo in that pleasure war, Addyi.

But unfortunately, if it’s a victory at all, it’s a Pyrrhic one…

Idea: Want to Increase Fertility And Father More Baby Boys? Wear A Kilt

bagpipe players wearing kilts lineup on grass shoes and socks

Thus far in human history, wearing a man-skirt seemed only good for making a guy look like a trainspotting soccer hooligan to be avoided at all costs.

Well now SCIENCE! has come to the rescue and theorized an actual benefit to the traditional garb, besides winning your FREEEDOM! from the English.

The Kilt-loving Dr. Erwin Kompanje from Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands has done a meta-analysis of the sparsely-available literature.

And his conclusions are that regimental-style kilt-wearing provides perhaps the perfect environment to boost male fertility…

Video: Because Science Explores DareDevil-Like Sensory Superpowers That You Might Have Too

In this video,’s “Because Science” explores a few of the things that make DareDevil extraordinary, and how some real-life adaptations show we’re already a little bit like him.

While he learned to “see” the world using sound, the name “Bat Man” was already taken, “Submarine Man” seemed too nautical, -and so DareDevil it was.

-And though he can also Smell & Feel more than a normal person, it turns out that his bat-like Echo-Location is something un-super people can do too.

Many people who are blind have actually learned to do it. And the surprising…

Shot Heard ‘Round The World: New Ebola Vaccine ~100% Effective

tiesto concert art screen people silhouette glasgow science tower

[-at least in early trials]
So, forget the miracle cure-stories of the Georgia doctor and the Texas nurse; for now.

A group of medical aid organizations from the United Kingdom, Norway & France made it all possible, crunching a normally years-long process down to 12 months or less to get Merck’s vaccine out there and save at least 4,000+ people.

The bigger takeaway is, if they can do this well, this fast, with something as fearsome as Ebola, can the end of other serious viruses be far behind?…


Guardian UK

Lively Up -Yo- Self! PsychoBiotics Suggests Possible Anxiety, Depression, Other Mental Health Fixes. -From Yogurt

daisy the cat eats some iogo yogurt

So we’ve told you about the Human Micro-Biome here before.

That collection of microbes on & in us doesn’t just sit there, it affects us.

And so far it looks connected to at-least stress, heart-disease, and obesity.

Well Scientists have done a few more experiments and it turns out, just like the crazy-cat-lady-disease, the microbiome can also affect…

-your MIND!


Video: VitaPerk, Two Great Things Together: Vitamin-Power And Coffee

Why should the Red Bull and Monster guys get to have all the fun and profit?

The now-insolvent 50 Cent helped give you vitamins in your water. Red Bull gives you wings.

…So why not put a little more kick into the drink most Americans use for a boost anyway?…

FDA Makes Product Warnings On NSAID Painkillers Even Sterner

heart in hands sand art

First it was our old friend Vioxx that caused about 140,000 heart attacks in the early 2000s.

As a result, the FDA began warning people about the risk of heart attack and stroke with this class of meds as far back as 2005.

Still further, it seems biotech researchers suspected those risks for as-long-as 15 years; at least in high-dose cases.

Well Now: The FDA is putting its foot down still further and ramping up warnings on even garden variety…

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