IDEO Encourages DesignOn Concept Contributors To Tackle Old People

IDEO designon-aging review jose colucci gray mirror concept project

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to check out the full list of lifehack-style products & service innovations over at design-juggernaut IDEO,

-But By Far, my favorite of the bunch is the Snow White Evil Queen/Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come -style Aging Mirror.
I don’t know how far out they wanted to take the concept in its proposed future technological reach.

-But [at least in its most-blown-out-future-form] this could take a whole host of…

The Gray Mirror

ASAPScience Babbles Briefly About Brain Bunk

7 myths about the brain you thought were true asap science screenshotHere, ASAP talks about common tropes, urban myths, or just plain zombie-information that keeps resurfacing about the complicated majesty inside your noggin.

You could probably find each part of their list somewhere on Snopes, to be sure.

They talk about how much & what type of damage drugs and alcohol do to your brain, how much of it you use, the Right-Brain/Left-Brain Creative Vs. Logical meme, and a few others.

Would have been nice if they got into just a little more detail on…


Google Does Nutrition Info. -Your Move, Obesity…

google knowledge nutrition info apple screenshot

It’s a very handy service they announced, where you can get your nutrition facts for over 1,000 types of different food straight from a web-search or an app. -Sweet!

And much like other web services like the previous leader, CalorieKing, you can change portion-sizes for exactly what you want.

Even better than CK, you can also ask it to tell you the carbs, fat, protein contents & a few other specs on the food you’re looking-up; -straight from the searchbox, without sifting first. -Better UX!

However, this is mostly…

InsideSearch-Introducing Nutrition Info

The Medical Library Association’s “Deciphering MedSpeak” Pamphlets Help Demystify Doctors’ Drivel Definitively

old latin greek script penn provenance project johannes zeyss

For that small minority of civilians out there that have wondered what a given doctor-critter was saying on TV, in-print, online, -anywhere; The Medical Library Association has put out a guide just for you.

It’s basically in the format of a small, pamphletized Dictionary with whole & partial terms, prefixes & suffixes, all under each starting-letter and a short, plain-english explanation underneath…

Deciphering Medspeak-Resources List

Grab Yourself Some IV-Listerine, Because Biofilms Now Found All Up In Yo Arteries. -Possibly Linking Heart Attacks To Major Stress

two grizzly bears about to fight one standing one growling in front

In the spirit of The MicroBiome that makes no man an island, science has found another connection to personal bacteria, and this time it’s linked to cardio-health.

(+strangely, this might even be the way that someone could literally be scared-to-death.)

SO: Part of the massive microbe colony in each of us is made of bacteria that take fat…

Doc Finds Aging Marker, Invents Drug To Flip-Script, -Pinky And The Brain Throw Truly Epic Fiesta

the curious case of benjamin button flexing in mirror

After 25 years of research about similar subjects especially in the cardiovascular arena and a little protein marker of aging we’ll name later, Dr. Douglas Vaughan and a team from Tohoku University in Japan have come up with a pretty interesting drug.

It’s not as “Dude, I know Kung-Fu”-Cool as The Mousechurian Candidate.

-But it Does prolong the life of mice almost 4x.
Ok, ok, now before we all start getting all crazy…

Northwestern-Experimental drug prolongs life span in mice

Shot Heard Round The World!: Obscure Arthritis Drug Leads To Full Head Of Hair. -Kinda…

happy baby boy blue shirt grass


I thought this was going to be a THE cure for normal DHT-based Male-Pattern Baldness.

-But NOooOOOOooo!!! :(

Okay, okay, okay; it’s no less impressive that the patient in question, who had both Plaque-Psoriasis and (just like our old .000001%-er pal John D. Rockefeller) Total Hair-Loss on his entire body, -was cured of Both conditions by the drug-wizardry cooked up by Yale’s scientists.
Not only that but so far…


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