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Oh Pot, Is There Nothing You Can’t Make Better? -Marijuana’s THC Removes Alzheimer’s Junk From Brain

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Reefer Madness Perhaps Not So Mad After All:
Now I know the stoner-crowd has a rep for being a bunch of hippie-dropouts who will use just about any pseudoscience available to defend their habit.

Because they want their drugs and that’s all there is to it. -Munchies be damned.

Well buckle-up Amanda Bynes, because !SCIENCE! just dropped one of the dankest jams in-favor of THC since the invention of the cannabinoid-receptor 600 million years ago.

(not counting any of the Magnum Opuses by Messrs. Cheech & Chong)…

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Video: Check Out People Are Awesome’s Fitness Superheroes

There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes…:
Well now that Copa America Centenario and Euro Cup 2016 are over, thus depriving us of the genius of Messi and Antoine Greizmann.

And your fix of superhumanism at the Rio Olympics is still a few weeks away,

Why not get your fitness motivation on and check out these more ordinary people still doing amazing stuff!…

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Video: Conan Finds Out Aubrey Plaza Has Staying Young & Aging-Gracefully Both Figured-Out

My Favorite Martian:
In addition to being one of the oddest and most sarcastic people on Earth like, you’ve-got-me-so-confused-I-don’t-know-who-I-am-anymore sarcastic,

Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza has apparently thought a lot about both staying young and how to behave gracefully if/when she ever does get old.

-As Conan O’Brien finds out in this interview…

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Video: The Vlog Brothers’ John Green Asks Why American Healthcare Costs Are Too Damn High

Capitalism’s Unfortunate Downside:
A little while ago, I found a very shocking statistic.

Though we didn’t have government health insurance until recently, the the stat said the US spends the most money on healthcare; -in the entire world.

The closest competitor to us was Switzerland. And even though you wouldn’t expect to see people dropping like flies in a “rough” place like that, we still spent more.

400% More.

So in this video, John Green of Vlog Brothers and Mental Floss fame turns some research into a newer, more internet-ified picture of why it costs so much here…

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Video: The Science Of Us Checks Out Why There’s Something Better For Your Brain Than Mindfulness Meditation

There Is More Than 1 Type Of Meditation:
There is a lot of talk recently about Mindfulness.

That is: Meditating really hard on your immediate-present and not letting stray thoughts take over. -The Eckhart Tolle stuff.

And while there is nothing wrong with this type of meditation, another type more similar to Zoning-Out is also important to your mental abilities, and your mental health…

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TEDx Video: The Queen Of Sleep On How To Rescue Your Brain & Why We All Need More Naps, Because: !SCIENCE!

Accidentally-Awesome Sleep Research That Will Change Your Life:
So, Dr. Sara Mednick had been struggling for a research topic when she found an interesting opportunity.

Her mentor had only studied what you’d call “normal” sleep that you have at night, but not at other times.

And that’s where she found Gold! As she describes in this video, everything on Earth goes through cycles in time, and we’d be smart to remember that.

-Which is where her scientific study comes in, because largely: We Don’t. And there are real downsides to that…

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Scary Self-Medicated Side-Effects, Batman! Some Surprisingly-Common Drugs Can Damage Your Brain, Memory, & Key-Functionality

victorian medicine snake oil bottles on modern pharmacy counter

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch…:
So for awhile now, not counting the snake-oil-soaked 1800s & 1900s, we’ve been living in an era of a drug for almost every ailment, right down to a mild sniffle.

Recently it seems more and more of them are available without a prescription.

Though they’re usually ignored, the Side-Effects of both types can be a real problem.

And once again, people like our pal Yasmina Rossi who try not to take anything unless it’s a dire circumstance are looking like psychic geniuses.

Because this time researchers have discovered a new problem with drug side-effects; -and your Brain…

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Lather Up! Our Pals At The EWG Release Their Guide To The Healthiest Sunscreens, & Save Your Freakin’ Skin In The Process!

girl with red hair yellow purple bikini lying on side daytime beach

First They Saved Your Health, Now Your Skin!:
You might remember our previous post on the EWG’s great work on produce safety and pesticides.

If you don’t, The Dirty Dozen with Garrick Dee Tan’s infographics is a good & worthwhile read.

Especially for the addition of The Clean 15, and The Hazardous 3.

Well just in-time for sunny weather, the EWG is at it again for Sunscreens. And their results are pretty surprising…

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If You’re Too Rushed To Even Go To Starbucks, Your Problem Is Now Solved: Enter GoCubes! -Regular Hexahedrons Of Nootropic-Caffeine Brainsplosion!

gocubes by nootrobox chewable coffee main page product screenshot with headerGet Your Fix Of Go-Go Juice While You’re On The Go:
We’ve all been there once or twice. No time for anything; even the AM-Jumpstart.

The morning coffee is a ritual, a checkin with yourself, and also the crucial happenings down at the passive-aggressively-staffed local café.

But sometimes you either had a night out, a night in, Jason-Bourne-grade post-drunk-amnesia, or you’re just running terribly late.

Well Nootrobox is about to solve all only one or two of those problems with their magical new Brain-Dyn-O-Mite: Go Cubes!…

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Move Over, Ted Williams’ Head! -Frankenstein Lives! Doctors Given Permission To Reanimate Dead Brains

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?:
We tend to think that people with a certain level of severe brain injuries or dysfunction are gone & officially Brain Dead.

And though miraculous stories like “Finding Emilie” point to some type of survival even in a “Locked-In” scenario,

Past a certain threshold of function was considered, perhaps for mercy’s sake, the end of the line.

Well, in what just might be some of the most ethically-sketchy experiments not done by world-war totalitarians, a few doctors decided to test that hypothesis.

And they just got approval…

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.