Accidental Discovery Helps Pro Brain-Zappers Get Serious About Digital Drugs For Depression

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We’ve told you before about biohackers strapping stim-pads to their scalps to either speed up or chill-out and how Thync is formalizing that space with smartphones and science.

Well, another set of researchers is doing something similar to get serious about depression, by way of a happy-accident.

Back in 2001, Michael Rohan was doing research on how bipolar patients responded…

Big Data, Social Media, & Negative Language Means Tweets Predict Health Problems #SayWhat?

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Somebody get Freakonomics’ Stephen Dubner on the phone, because it sounds like an enormous leap, but apparently it’s true.

In a study by U. Penn’s Johannes Eichstaedt, it seems that certain tweets are correlated with people having an increased-risk of heart problems not of the OKCupid variety.

Digital Drugs: Thync’s Smartphone-Driven Relaxer Brings More Serious Science To The DIY Electric Brain-Hacking Set

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For a little while now, people have been hacking their own brains with something called tDCS, or electrodes on the scalp, trying to enhance their mood and mental functioning.

-But the potentially-dangerous bro-science practice has had spotty results, until now.

Because a company called Thync has pooled a team of experts to change all that.

When their engineers & doctors looked at all the different effects and the conflicting studies surrounding the noggin-zaps, from improvements on…

The New Phrenology: Aging-Speed And Quality Of Life, IN YO FACE! -Literally.

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-Except this time, it just might work.

Everyone’s done this type of amateur Sherlock Holmes evaluation since they were born. But now, at the intersection of a facial-recognition technologist, a doctor, and Big Data, the studies might just prove both true and useful.

What Face My Age’s technology does…

Video: ASAPScience Asks, Can We Genetically Improve Intelligence?

And as a great companion video to the Vsauce post, ASAPScience asks if we can improve not our Strength or Speed, but our Intelligence through genetic means, and what people are already doing about it.

The core of their idea is based on The Cognitive Genomics Project, Big Data & Gene Therapy…

Video: The Ultimate Self-Improvement Question: Can You Genetically Enhance Yourself?

In this video, VSauce gets into the DNA-Techy meat of the most serious self-improvement question imaginable:

Forget the Deepak Chopra Aisle at the Barnes & Noble, -Can we make ourselves better or even Superhuman by using genetic alterations like in the game BioShock?

Well, the Michael Stevens-less host Jake Roper goes on with a little help from ASAPScience to ask those questions and find the supporting research on things like Speed, Strength and Smarts.

Typical Vsauce kookiness, and Worth a watch…

Sweet Engineering Tricks Make 3D-Printed Bone Replacements Better, Healthier And Cheaper. -The Bees’ Knees, Actually.

gold honeycomb with white ends side view

Awhile back, we told you about the amazing 3D-Printed bones designed by Dr. Susmita Bose.

Since then, there’s been another development that will add to the final consumer product, just like the 3D-Blueprinting side we saw from the guys who put the motorcyclist back together.

–What Dr. Richard Oreffo’s team did was to research all different kinds of Materials, Composites, Plastics, Minerals and many different kinds of Shapes & Layouts. -And they arrived at something really interesting…

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