You Are Now Wolverine: Artificial Nanoparticle Wound-Healers Invented

particle sea light board under construction room

One of the problems facing doctors, non-dolphins, and mothers of children who drink the Red Bull and yell, “Hey Y’all, Watch This!” on YouTube, is controlling blood-flow or even stopping a full-on hemorrage at a wound.

Well that just might be a thing of the past, as UCSB docs have come up with super-small, nanoscale particles that act just like human blood-clotting agents.
Since they didn’t want to completely re-invent the wheel, the little particles are almost an exact copy of Mother Nature’s invention.

Harvard Docs Use FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS To Repair Holes In Teeth!

mike myers dr. evil laser airquotes

Ever see those LED brushes on late-night TV that say they’ll grow your hair back? -Well, it turns out they work; -or at least the principle anyway.

+ Results were spotty, because the principles weren’t understood; -until now.

Using low-powered lasers, some creative dentistry & great analysis, a Harvard team has figured out how to regenerate the bony-core of teeth in 12 weeks, using only light.

(not as impressive as growing a whole new tooth, but anyway)…

Video: ASAPScience’s Take On The Benefits Of Meditation

ASAPScience power of meditation youtube screenshotIn this video, ASAPScience goes over some of the interesting and profound ways that meditation can affect your health.

Among the things they cover are empathy, learning, physical changes to the brain & stress.

And although it’s worth a watch, they did not go quite into the depth of the posts here and here,…

2,000 Calories Of Fast Food & Why It’s Almost Always Healthier To Eat At Home

nyt potbelly big italian sandwich meal

In this post, Josh Barro & his pals at the New York Times’ Upshot show us a photo-list of 16 meals at different chain restaurants, each of which is equal to the average-person’s total daily allowance of roughly 2,000 calories.

Some of the meals look scary easy to eat, like the Potbelly’s Big Italian with standard sides (above)….

Drug-Resistant-Superbug Antibiotic Invented With Help Of Sweet Hack

skinny nerd superman imposter at phone booth

Using historical procedures coupled with some clever architecture tricks, two Northeastern U. scientists have created at least the beginnings of 1 new antibiotic, 25 other candidates, and maybe even a whole new Class of them.

(funny how strangely-similar their process was to what those Hygeine Hypothesis guys advised)…

Move Over Blueberries & Acai, New Purple Superfood INDAHOUSE!

wild blue berries on pine tree winter

Now, when you visualize something after hearing the word, “Superfood”, you probably imagine some impossibly-expensive super-bean from the north shore of Bali, the darkest part of the Amazon, the bleakest steppes of Maine blueberry-country, or Gwynneth Paltrow’s blog.

But the scientists at Rutgers had a different idea: What if you could make a superfood out of something common, that normal people eat every day without a second thought…

Damn The Desserts, Full-Steam Ahead!: Fruits & Vegetables Really Do Make Life More Worth Living

2001 space odyssey bowman face publicity shot

Your mom ever pack an apple in your lunch, or tell you to eat your vegetables?

Well, it turns out mom just wanted you to be awesome, and those theories Bradley the teddy-bear whispered late at night about her being part of the international spinach cartel were purely-circumstantial.

In a a University of Otago study, Tamlin Conner and her team studied the diets of a small group of young adults along with…

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