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Body Fat Study Further Reduces Importance of BMI, Low-Carb Tape-Measure Sales Skyrocket

female lifeguard in blue bikini running on beach

An Interesting Measurement -Of The Wrong Thing:
For quite awhile, BMI has been used as an indicator of obesity.

And for most of that time it’s been considered as good as any measure out there.

But a recent study by 2 universities in Canada is trying to put the final punctuation-mark on many people’s recent critiques of its shortcomings.

And they just might have succeeded…

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Infographic: The Healing Power Of Cats

gemma busquets healing power of cats infographic top purring frequency 20-140 Hz

Not Just For LOLs:
And now as a reward for surviving tax season, I give you: The Healing Power Of Cats!

While she may put the benefits down to just purring, infographic artist Gemma Busquets is still on the right track.

Several health benefits have been attributed to general pet ownership. For Example: slightly reducing your stress for next tax season by saving you money.

-Because you’ll have to visit the doctor a total of 4% less than a dog owner, and 12% less than someone without a pet. And speaking of health benefits…

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Video: Technology Gets Personal. The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker Is Here To Scrutinize You, -To The Last Millimeter

Pervasive Computing For The 10%. -Bodyfat, That-Is:
When you’re trying to lose both weight and fat, a few of the things you can do to help are to weigh & measure first thing in the morning after you’ve cleaned up, but before you eat, drink; or even get dressed.

Over time you’ll be able to tell exactly where you’re leaning-out & how much.

Tip from the pro-players: Your Abs are always last to lose it. Your upper back, forearms and calves will look absolutely heroic before you lose anything perceptible on your middle.

And now a company appropriately-called Naked is out to take your personal scrutiny to the next level…

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Video: Is There An App For The Soul? Why Yes, -At Least Six.

Hack Your Mental Wellbeing With A Phone:
In this video, The Scene & Wired’s App Pack try to soothe your frazzled nerves with a few lines of machine-code to give your human-code a digital hug.

Unfortunately, the list seems to only include Mindfulness meditation apps.
I’d love to be wrong about that, because there are benefits to Both types.

Mindfulness is usually better for happiness. The more Wandering, less-focused type is usually better for Creativity & Insight.

But however the little algorithms can simplify it, the better.
What was once obscure & difficult is now becoming no further than a questionnaire & a few taps away…

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Your Mental Attitude About Aging Might Actually Make A Difference

nothing can stop me now sign improvement

Olde-Tyme Wisdom Wins Again?:
There are quite a few sayings about aging and that body of knowledge includes chestnuts like: “Age is just a number.” and “You’re only as old as you feel.”

And other than confirmation-bias or just plain-old self-delusion, those sayings it-seemed were nothing more than musing or philosophy.

But then a strange thing happened, and SCIENCE! stepped in and did something it rarely-does; it gave traditional anecdotal wisdom a pretty fair shake…

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Apple’s CareKit Is Another Big Step Toward Personal Electronics That Make A Real-Life Impact

Personal Electronics Get Even More Personal:
At one time or another, many of us have had a health issue that needed more than just 1 fire-and-forget appointment to the doc.

And resolving it needed follow-up & active participation from you to succeed. -Especially since doctors are very busy, there are only so many hours in the day, and healthcare is already 4x more expensive here than anywhere else.

Well, aside from all the new phones, iPads & watch bands, one of the most interesting & compelling parts of Apple’s “Loop You In” event was something called CareKit…

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Video: Man Vs. Nature, Reloaded. -FIGHT!! German Nuts Explain The Coming Antibiotic Apocalypse, In A Nutshell

A Famous Man Once Said, “We Create Our Own Demons”:
In this video, Kurzgesagt, or “In-A-Nutshell” talks about the future of antibiotics and a few of the problems that are already beginning.

In a very Matrix-y reversal of what’s going on into an idea, they say it this way: Most of Humanity right now is collaborating on the engineering of a Superbug.

And if we don’t change in several ways, the consequences of our actions will let Nature’s worst machines win…

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Video: The French Were Right Again. -Or: One Of Your Eating Habits May Be Hurting You More Than You Think

Multiply Paula Deen and Wilford Brimley To The Power Of Ricky Bobby:
In this video, DNews tackles an oddly-common eating habit that might seem harmless at-first; however, it’s anything-but.

The problem is there may be so many different influences causing it, it’s very hard to catch & change.

Whether it’s sibling-rivalry, anxiety, peer-pressure, busy workdays, or just plain-old stress, it turns out Eating Too Fast can really affect your health for the worse. And God help me for giving those damn hipster foodies more ammunition…

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Robo-Testing, Big Data Analytics, Drug-SPLOSION! Boutique Genome-Powered Meds Are On The Way

toy robot on back with gear internals and handles

Cheap Tech = Future Cures:
Ok, so what do you get when you add entrepreneurial prospecting, big data, big analytics, high-speed robo-testing and gene-sequencing?

So earlier, we told you that for the Jet-Lag drug, UCSD used a robotic tester on 120,000 possible switches to find only 3 keys.

And before that, 23&Me had used its pattern-sniffers to come up with 15 indicators out of 14 Million to find night owls & early-birds.

Well, 23&Me will be at that game again soon to create the very future of medicine…

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Jet-Lagged World-Traveling International Man Of Mystery? There Will Soon Be A Pill To Fix That

concorde 101 102 on stand sinsheim technikmuseum blue sky cirrus clouds

Science Decodes Circadian Clock:
-Not the man of mystery part. The jet-lag.

So for awhile, we’ve relied on all manner of things to fix sleep-cycle problems, like Ambien, Melatonin, Turkey, and the old standby: High-proof Carolina Moonshine!

Well soon those days will be over if researchers from UCSD have anything to say about it. (sorry, Messrs. Motlow & Beam)

Because they’ve developed a tricky little compound that can actually shift your body’s sleep clock!

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Note: For informational purposes only. Should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or substitute for professional care. Terms.