Je Suis Paris / Je Suis Un Parisien

jean jullien paris peace art

La France, vous êtes tous dans nos pensées et nos prières.

-Vos amis Américains.

#JeSuisParis #JesuisunParisien

Je Suis Charlie

je suis charlie black white gray solidarity graphic

For everyone who’s said or written anything honest, cracked a joke, or offended the easily-offended: #JeSuisCharlie.

Email Newsletter Fixed

Had an issue with Email Newsletter saying there were none configured.

That issue was fixed so the newsletter should now work.


Save the Fireworks for 4th of July! :)

-video excerpt from my Favorite Food Geek. The fun stuff is half way through.

This has certainly been done on Mythbusters before, but just a safety reminder when trying such potentially-volatile cooking-methods. Worth a cautionary look…
Happy Thanksgiving!

A Little Rocketboom Luuve

rocketboom photoshop keira knightley pirates of the caribbean 3 joanne colan

[Joanne stands-in for Keira Knightley]

Awwww, Yeaah. Pirate Photoshop makes it to RB, baby! :) :) :)
Thanks Joanne and Andrew!!!

Rocketboom-May 31, Photocollages

Help Save Internet Radio Now!

fist red revolution fight the power


The RIAA strikes again with unfair [update: retroactive-1/1/06]fee structures for internet radio stations that could put them out of business in one shot [edit: by May July 15th].

And just yesterday, the (3 man panel) CRB struck down the motion to hear arguments on the fees.

Please get out there and help all our friends at the amazing somafm, wfmu, kcrw, crunchy-greeny NPR and many, many others….

Thank You KougarKat Kathy & StumbleUpon!

stumbleupon logo square

A little while ago, Kathy was nice enough to post us on StumbleUpon, resulting in some traffic being sent our way and a nice little page for us. It was really great to see us on that list.

I’ve used SU several times in the past and this posting got me back into it. It’s a really fun little service for finding cool sites in your area of interest. ***I keep finding new ones every week that would have been near impossible to find on my own; whether…


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